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Twins With Down Syndrome Dancing Will Warm Your Heart


Twins With Down Syndrome Dancing Will Warm Your Heart

Every child is special and not in terms of their sufferings, but generally. Each child’s needs differ from one another. Sure, there are children suffering from chronic illnesses and they have even more special needs. But none of it makes them any less of a regular child. It is our attitude towards them which differs.

Here is a video of twins with Down syndrome enjoying the moment and dancing to a song. It is everything you will need to see today to feel better!

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder and you probably have already heard about it. You can easily identify a child with Down syndrome owing to the similar facial characteristics they share. Therefore, it says without going that the girls in the video are suffering from it too.

These 7-year-olds are daughters to a brave family who are a part of the movement called the Twincess Campaign just to raise awareness about these special children. It is an NGO, a platform where families of those with Down syndrome can come together and share their experiences. They do not consider the disorder an inability of their child, rather celebrate their uniqueness – how optimistic is it!

As soon as the video will start, you won’t help but notice the innocence of these beautiful, little women! Their confidence is worth complimenting – it is just plain inspirational! Their parents must really be proud of raising such adorable children. What is more meaningful is that they do not want it any other way. They wouldn’t change a thing about their lovely daughters. It is exactly the kind of attitude we all need to adopt.

Illnesses can strike anyone. They can overcome your health at any time and you would be helpless. The least we can do for someone is be supportive and make it easier for them to get through. Twincess Campaign is the voice of hope and inspiration! Enjoy their beautiful dance!

Thanks to Twincess Campaign for publishing this amazing video! Make sure to follow them for more!

Not had a song for a while and how very fitting . These 2 are my greatest showman and this is me !!! It's certainly them and I wouldn't change a thing xxx

Posted by Twincess Campaign on Thursday, May 31, 2018

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