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These Kids Diagnosed With Learning Disabilities Have An Important Message For Everyone


These Kids Diagnosed With Learning Disabilities Have An Important Message For Everyone

In a class full of students, it is hard for a teacher to attend to each child’s individual needs. They prefer taking a mutual road, which would be in greater interest of all the students. But at times, it is hard to do so because of that one child who doesn’t seem to stick to his place or the other who wouldn’t seem to be paying attention… or maybe the girl who forgets one thing if you tell her to concentrate on another.

There are numerous learning disorders and you can never tell which of your student is suffering from which. This video is a message to all the teachers and parents of children and students of the kind. All these innocent, little children in the video are either suffering from autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, learning disabilities, Sensory Processing Disorder or Central Auditory Processing Disorder. They all pose different difficulties but none of them ask to be treated differently. All they ask is to be heard!

We as humans have a tendency to bond and to understand each other. How do you suppose we will bond with children suffering from such disorders if we don’t listen? They know how we can help them merge within the society as easy as possible but they need us to listen. Take the child who can only learn when he is rocking in the chair or the boy who is paying attention even if it doesn’t seem like it. We do not need to make them feel like an outcast because they are one of us!

The video is a wake-up call for not only the teachers but for all of us. There would be hardly any viewer who wouldn’t be affected by it. It is simply heart-touching and reflective.

Many thanks to Brain Highways for publishing this video! Make sure to follow them on Facebook for more!

Twelve months ago, we first posted our “Dear Teacher” video on this page. As we approach our one year anniversary mark, “Dear Teacher” has now appeared on multiple online media sites, collectively racking up . . . a whopping 27 MILLION views (and still going)! Many thanks to the Brain Highways kids who originally collaborated to write this heartfelt letter and to the kids who then went “extra brave” to speak those words in the video. As a new school year begins, may the kids’ simple letter continue to inspire anyone and everyone to explore doable ways to help students shine and allow teachers to teach with joy.

Posted by Brain Highways on Monday, August 22, 2016

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