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This Homeless Guy Gained Worldwide Attention By Showing His Amazing Piano Skills


This Homeless Guy Gained Worldwide Attention By Showing His Amazing Piano Skills

There is a common belief that homeless people cannot get a job, get paid, and thus, end up on streets. Just as true it would be for most homeless, there are always those amongst them who do not have a shelter over them for some other reasons. In fact, you would find highly talented and competent people amidst the homeless. In this video, you will witness a Donal Gould showcase his talent as a pianist.

Gould was a homeless in Germany – that’s the keyword: was! When someone identified his talent as a pianist, they wouldn’t have hesitated in providing him with ample guidance. Then, through the power of social media, he gained fame, more people came to his help and now he is thriving with an album of his own! This video dates back to 2015 when he used to be homeless and it is the video through which he reconnected with his family, started earning and got back on his feet.

Playing a piano is not easy at all. In fact, it is quite tricky but it is one of the most beautiful musical instruments. People have entire songs made on the piano keys and notes. There are shows solely for pianists to display their expertise and Gould deserves a spot right there.

If you have any sense of piano playing, you would immediately recognize Gould’s talent as an exceptional pianist. People love his performances and he has gained recognition worldwide.

There are numerous people in need out there. Many of them possess skills we do not know about and we won’t until we give them a chance. People like Gould need our assistance and we need to take responsibility!

Watch the video below:

Thanks to Viktorija Bulava for doing the art on the piano shown in this video!

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