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This Amazing Poetry By Adam Roa Will Touch The Depths Of Your Soul


This Amazing Poetry By Adam Roa Will Touch The Depths Of Your Soul

We live in a society where facelifts, Botox, breast implants, facial contouring and what-not are dominating the idea of being beautiful.

Today, having a big home, a luxury car and branded stuff is what defines a person in the society. We are constantly trying to get social acceptability and love from others. This video is a challenge to all such beliefs and shed light on the much needed truth.

Adam Roa is a public figure, an inspirational speaker and a self-love ambassador. His poetry is highly effective and provocative. If you pay heed to his words, they make a whole lot of sense and if you embrace them, your life will change for the better. His poetry in this video is nothing dissimilar. It is called “You are who you have been looking for.”

Surely, the name of the poetry gives away a lot but you would not know enough until you have heard him read it. Not to spoil it for you already, it is sufficient to say for now that loving yourself is the key. What is social acceptability after all if you do not accept yourself? It does not really matter if people love you if you do not love yourself. It is where it all starts – self-love!

It is easy to compliment people when they feel bad about themselves. We are constantly upholding the people around us, telling them good things about themselves when they are low. However, when it comes to us, we only have our flaws to notice. It is when you the spiral starts and you are never enough for yourself. Companies these days target this lack of self-love in us and use it to their advantage.

The poetry by Adam Roa is truly inspirational piece but it would be of no use if you don’t reflect on the main idea – you are who you have been looking for! You are enough!

Thanks to Adam Roa for creating this masterpiece poetry! Make sure to follow his YouTube Channel for more!

Video heading was taken from Russell Cummins

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