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Kiki Dance Challenge By This Young Cancer Patient Will Make Your Day


Kiki Dance Challenge By This Young Cancer Patient Will Make Your Day

Illness cannot hold back this cancer patient who is eager to show her moves!

Do you remember the viral Kiki dance challenge from the “In My Feelings” by Drake? Well, the challenge caught the attention of this girl, Abigail Lewis and she has clearly swept away as a winner!

Abigail was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. She was being treated for her illness at Arkansas Children’s hospital when she saw the challenge online and wanted to show off her moves as well. Abigail knows how to shake the groove and she showed it to the world quite successfully. Putting her on twist to the challenge, Abigail won the hearts of not only the nurses at the hospital but of everyone who watched her dance with such enthusiasm.

The challenge originally included dancing to this song while jumping out of a car moving in slow speed. Understandably enough, Abigail could not do so. However, it did not mean she could not pull it off! You can see for yourself in the video that she is enjoying herself. Her smile is quite contagious to be honest. Didn’t you find smiling to yourself while watching her dance?

Many of us lose our zeal to enjoy life whenever a severe sickness hits us let alone a terminal. We lose our motivation to live our life. Such is not the case with this cheerful, little Abigail. She does not give in in the face of the cancer. She fights back. She does as she will and teaches us all a valuable lesson: life is a gift and we should enjoy it to the fullest without using our illness as an excuse.

Even though such challenges are nothing more than mere means of fun, they may end up leaving a meaningful message. Consider this Kiki Challenge taken up by Abigail which turned out to be the means for creating awareness and relaying a meaningful message about life! You go, Abigail!

Thanks to Alyssa Renea Lewis for this video! Make sure to donate to Team Abigail!

For all of you asking for an address for Abigail:Arkansas Children’s HospitalAttn: Tara DeJohnC/O: Abigail Lewis1 Childrens WaySlot 401Little Rock, AR 72202Remember to follow us had a rough patch but is slowly finding her spunk!

Posted by Alyssa Renea Lewis on Friday, July 27, 2018

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