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Life-Saving Rescue Of Unconscious Street Dog Will Warm Your Heart


Life-Saving Rescue Of Unconscious Street Dog Will Warm Your Heart

Stray animals are often the most ignored ones. We see one hurt on the road but we pass by ignorantly. We witness one suffering under the tree, make remarks that someone should help the poor animal and leave the vicinity. It is the usual reactions we have when we confront a stray, injured animal, specially a dog. However, not everyone’s the same. These selfless humans from the Animal Aid Unlimited are there for these helpless souls. The rescue of this unconscious dog is yet another story of their unsung power!

The video starts with the dog lying unconscious on the side of the road when the rescuer from the shelter finds him. Irresponsive to the sense of touch and sound, he is immediately taken to the shelter. The rescuer speculated a head injury as indicated by the blood dripping from the nose. With the right kind of treatment, the dog gained consciousness after 24-hours.

Maybe because the dog lay idle, people thought it was dead and it did not approach for help earlier. Even if this was the case, it does not justify the ignorant attitude – it is a life-filled soul nonetheless! With the right care and attention, the distressed dog fought the comatose and emerged as healthy and playful as a dog can be. You will see it by the end of the video.

If they would have left him to die as well and not given him a chance, he would probably be dead. But no, they rescued and gave Chestnut a new life! They did not stop when he gained consciousness but continued working on him until he functioned like any other dog. Just imagine the love and dedication they have towards saving such defenceless and feeble souls. Shouldn’t we all be the same? Shouldn’t we all have a sense of empathy towards the sufferings if these speechless beings?

Thanks to Animal Aid Unlimited for this incredible video and make sure to donate to these injured and ill animals!

To witness this true miracle, watch this video:

Life-saving rescue of unconscious street dog

He lay unconscious by the side of the road, completely unresponsive to sound–even to touch. He must have been hit on the head and suffered a brain injury. We just didn't know, but it looked like he hadn't been there for long. There was no blood, but his body seemed almost lifeless. We rushed him back to Animal Aid's shelter and began his treatment, very worried that he may never regain consciousness. When he woke up after 24 hours and gingerly accepted food from one of the care-giver's gentle hands, we knew we had a hero on our hands. On the street, this sweet boy didn't stand a chance. Walking came more slowly, but weeks of physio-therapy and love showed us all what was hidden in his shell–meet Chestnut today.Please donate for animals in urgent need: in India by PAYTM: +916378384861

Posted by Animal Aid Unlimited on Sunday, September 16, 2018

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