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Jason Silva Explains The Miracle Of Life To A Baby And It Hypnotize You


Jason Silva Explains The Miracle Of Life To A Baby And It Hypnotize You

“You’re transcendent. But you also are made of flesh!” Jason Silva explains the miracle of life to a baby!

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be a baby? Are you ever curious what goes in a baby’s mind? We’ve all been there, but can you recall? How this miracle of life organises the world around it? Well, this video will help you put your thought to words – quite literally!

Jason Luis Silva (born February 6, 1982) is a Venezuelan American television personality, filmmaker, and public speaker. He is also a YouTuber with his channel called Shots of Awe and he pretty much captures the awe-inspiring, curiosity-sparking occurrences in our life. He is aspires to study the evolution of intelligence. Silva is a passion-driven, inspired and creative being who puts up relatable and amazing videos. The video is question is just one of his imaginative works.

Okay, so have you ever talked to a genius and stared at him blankly the entire time he talked, trying to wrap your head around what is he trying to say? Well, the look on the baby’s face is just its perfect replica – or even better! You should find it utterly cute how Jason explains to this innocent baby about his conception and whatever comes next. It seems as if the baby is interested in what Jason has to say – probably wondering if it’s important to remember, haha!

You will love how Jason sees the world around him and takes a unique approach to understanding things. Take for example, the moment where he says how the baby is a steak with brains who grew up inside his mother. He appreciates how one is brought to this world and gets to learn everything this spectacular world has to offer.

It is quite a hilarious video but if you truly look at the message, you do start pondering over the miracle of life! Maybe, you start viewing the world a bit differently as well. Jason has his way of getting under people’s skin – his ideas are indeed thought-provoking!

Thanks to Jason Silva for this amazing video! Make sure to follow him on his Facebook Page and Youtube Channel!

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