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An Incredible Artist Pulls Off Another Spectacular Performance On Her Violin


An Incredible Artist Pulls Off Another Spectacular Performance On Her Violin

Piano is a very versatile musical instrument and if you know how to play it, it is quite literally up to you how you want to take it. Professionals take years and years of practice to perfect their violin-playing skills. Esther Yoo is one of such professionals and at such a young age, she is already swaying others of her abilities as a violinist. There might be chances that you have seen her play earlier but if you haven’t, this video is your chance to witness her expertise.

Esther has earned numerous awards as a violinist since a very early age. Currently, she is a BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artist. She has been part of various orchestras and gotten a lot of opportunities to showcase her talent in front of the world. Telegraph in 2016 said: “Can the world take yet another brilliant young female violinist? Yes, if that violinist is Esther Yoo”. That is her extent of proficiency and dedication for playing the violin.

Not everyone is a fan of violins but they fail to embrace its beauty and the melodious compositions one can make using it. Look at Esther in the video, playing Danse Russe from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. She is totally lost in the performance, detached from the physical world and absorbed in her own world – it is the beauty of passion!

She is celebrated worldwide in the musical industry and if you know your music, you will understand why. Her love for playing violins is evident in her every performance and this isn’t any different. She is simply commendable! Her originality is worth applauding but even when she is covering for another song, her tone is in perfect sync with the original. You will probably fall in love with violin if you see her play so smoothly and perfectly!

Make sure to follow Esther Yoo – 에스더 유 on her Facebook Page and many thanks to Classic FM for publishing this amazing video!

'Danse Russe' Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake – Esther Yoo & Robert Ko…

Violin fireworks 🎇🎇The amazing Esther Yoo – 에스더 유 plays 'Danse Russe' from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.

Posted by Classic FM on Saturday, October 13, 2018

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