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The Dalai Lama Shares Truth-Shattering Words About The Meaning Of Life


The Dalai Lama Shares Truth-Shattering Words About The Meaning Of Life

Since we are alive, we are thinking, we have our sensory modalities in place and we are capable of intelligence, we understand that we are sent to this world for a reason. We, has humans, have a natural tendency to seek purpose in our life. We always seek to accomplish certain goals, long-term and short-term both. We are constantly struggling to find meaning in our life – that is the purpose. In this video, you will hear His Holiness share his wisdom on the respected matter.

Dalai Lama is a largely celebrated person as a humanitarian and peace ambassador worldwide. He is a leader figure to the Tibetan people and others around the globe look up to him as a spiritual leader for guidance on life matters. You would have certainly come across one of his talks earlier in your life. They are always very reflective and utterly relatable for most people.

This video in consideration is for anyone who is unable to figure out the purpose of life. It is quite simple actually. Hedonistically speaking, humans are pleasure-seekers who try to avoid pain. Pleasure is one form of happiness and if we think about it a bit, happiness is actually what we all want, isn’t it?

You will find his words on long lasting happiness very true and applicable to all walks of life. It would be unfair to disclose his entire advice so you should reflect on his words yourself after you have heard him. He is someone who has already found his lasting happiness so it shouldn’t be hard believing and practicing as he says. The interpretation and implementation might differ from person to person though.

Anyways, it would be something life-changing if you are able to understand the wisdom he is trying to part! Watch the video and bless yourself!

Thanks to Tibetan Journal for shedding a light on this incredible message by Dalai Lama!

Dalai Lama on Long Lasting Happiness

His Holiness the Dalai Lama speaks on how to achieve long lasting happiness.

Posted by Tibetan Journal on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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