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Tom Holland Will Quit $3.92 Billion Spider-Man Franchise Unless Marvel Meets This ONE Condition


Tom Holland Will Quit $3.92 Billion Spider-Man Franchise Unless Marvel Meets This ONE Condition

Tom Holland’s portrayal of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the wildly successful Spider-Man franchise has propelled him to international fame.

The popularity of his trilogy has prompted plans for a fourth installment; the question is whether or not it will be able to attract him.

The actor has recently hinted at a possible return to the billion-dollar series unless they meet this condition.

He hasn’t been donning his superhero garb since the smashing success of Spider-Man: No Way Home, his last feature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If Marvel fails to fulfill one criterion, he plans to step down from his prominent role.

Tom Holland’s first major appearance as Spider-Man was in the 2016 film Captain America: Civil War, which was part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Since then, he has frequently returned to the role, eventually taking the helm in three feature films, the most recent of which, Spider-Man: No Way Home, was a box office smash.

With Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios already building the groundwork for future Spider-Man films, it’s a foregone conclusion that there will be a fourth installment.

Although he has confirmed his return to the MCU, the actor is playing it very safe regarding his future with the series.

He spoke about his desire to reprise his role as Peter Parker in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment (via Kevin Polowy).

“If we can’t find a way to compete with the third one, he’ll swing off into the sunset.”

The 2021 film sets a high bar for future installments in the franchise, and our Peter Parker actor will get to experience that.

His comments suggest he will hold off on making a decision to return to the business unless a solid story presents itself.

Will Tom Holland be Up for Another Spider-Man Film?

Fans are still curious about his whereabouts, but in a recent interview with ET, he talked about the possibility of his returning to his Marvel Cinematic Universe role.

To elaborate on what he would need to do to keep being a web-slinger, he said, “I think as long as we can do justice to Peter Parker. As long as we can keep elevating and making the films better and making them mean more, then I’ll be there.”

He then said, “I’d be stupid to say that I wouldn’t be the luckiest kid alive if I got to do it again, there’s stuff going on, but we’ll have to just wait and see what happens.”

Despite the fact that his Spider-Man adventures are far from over, he recently took a sabbatical from acting after appearing in and producing the film The Crowded Room.

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The show hit him “hard” on a number of levels.

Apple+ now has The Crowded Room while Starz has Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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