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This Unusual Friendship Between A Dog And A Baby Chimp Will Make Your Day

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This Unusual Friendship Between A Dog And A Baby Chimp Will Make Your Day

Friendship is a precious gift and not everyone has a good luck with it. Since not everyone you call your friend is actually your friend, you need to be able to distinguish between the two. A friend is more meaningful than the cliché it has become. We might not find ample friendships amongst humans, considering the selfish and self-centred mind-sets they have. But if we look beyond the human interactions and take a look at how animals mingle, you will find the most extraordinary friendships!

This video from the Zoological Wildlife Foundation displays the affectionate bond between a baby chimp and a full-grown mastiff. It isn’t something you would expect normally but then, we humans don’t exactly understand the bonding which might exist between two different animal species. Maybe you are coming across this friendship as one of a kind, but then you don’t know how many more animals share loyalty, love and unbreakable bond like this!

You would find it adorable how the chimp and the dog are cuddling together. You wouldn’t usually expect a full-breed dog to be so loving and caring towards another being but here are your conceptions going to waste! Animals are capable of compassion more than we think they do.

People have had mix reviews about this friendship. Some say it’s wrong while others find it rather beautiful. Well, it is more about seeing the big picture – at times you get along with beings you never thought would be possible. It is life and it is unpredictable!

Well, whatever stance you might have on the matter, your first reaction will be – how adorable it is that they have bonded so strongly! The chimp doesn’t want to leave his side and when he grabs his arm, it looks so lovable! You will surely love watching the video!

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Posted by Zoological Wildlife Foundation on Thursday, January 11, 2018

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