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Baby chimps enjoying their bath time is one of the cutest things you will ever see

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Baby chimps enjoying their bath time is one of the cutest things you will ever see

If you have had a pet, you would know how much they enjoy playing with water. To be more precise, almost every pet loves a good bath! Whether it’s your cat or a dog, they will enjoy every moment when you are giving them a bath and that delight is quite evident in their behaviour. Sharing a bond with them, you do feel their joy! This video, is yet another proof of how animals love indulging in this humanistic practice of cleanliness.

You must have seen a lot of adorable stuff online but some is just cuter than the others and there is no denying that. Take, for example, this lovable video of baby champs relishing their bath time! Who would have thought a mere bath would bring them so much pleasure! It is indeed the cutest thing ever and the most affable thing you will see today!

It is actually quite nice to see them having such a good time. Look at how that chimp is mesmerized by the water sprinkling out of the shower. He is trying to embrace it all. Notice how one of the champs is repeatedly cleaning his nose while bathing – sounds like something a human would do, right? Well, it seems like chimps are no different when it comes to hygiene, haha!

Seeing them enjoy the bath, you might as well get yourself a baby chimp – not many people will be in favour of this though! They are quite a friendly creature by the way – capable of affection and loyalty. Take a look at the tiny chimp resting on the arm of a human at the very beginning – does it look like something harmful? No, right! It is probably the cutest thing!

Thanks to Zoological Wildlife Foundation for making these lovely videos and thanks again to Power of Positivity for spreading this lovely compilation!

Chimps Enjoying Bath Time

This is the cutest thing ever…

Posted by Power of Positivity on Sunday, September 9, 2018

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