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This Adorable Pit Bull Screaming Like A Person Will Change Your Mind About Pit Bulls

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This Adorable Pit Bull Screaming Like A Person Will Change Your Mind About Pit Bulls

Mo is not your typical Pit Bull – he knows the way to your heart!

Pit Bulls are known to be affectionate, clownish, strong-willed and friendly but not many people are really fond of them. A lot of people think that they are one of the breeds best for fighting purposes or for security. This video is for the latter – Mo will surely change your mind about Pit Bulls.

Sure, you have heard dog bark at you when he is trying to get your attention. But have you ever heard a dog scream at you like a human? That’s a first, right? Well, Mo is one of a kind and it is highly unlikely you will find another dog like him. His rescuer found him in a park where he came running towards her as soon as he sensed her approaching – seems like love at first sight is real!

Even though Mo was lost, he found a home where he rightly belonged. A special dog like him deserves special treatment. You would be amazed to know how easily he wins people’s heart – it is almost as if he is trying to communicate with them and they understand what he is saying. People hardly fail in falling in love with him – you will see why that is!

He is one of the cutest Pit Bulls out there and his mama is very proud to have adopted him. You can see how happy he is and how mingling with people brings him joy – he is a human’s dog! People are loving how adorable he is and appreciating the efforts of this woman.

You will probably watch this video again in an attempt to comprehend what is that you love about him – is it his ability to make various sounds or is it the positive attitude carries… or is it just his ability to get people to love him in the first meeting?

Thanks to Power of Positivity for making this lovely video, and make sure to follow Mo on Instagram!

Pit Bull Dog Screams Like A Person When He's Happy

This is the cutest thing ever…

Posted by Power of Positivity on Friday, September 28, 2018

Video heading was taken from Mo’s Instagram Page

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