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LOT Polish Airlines Prepared Stunning Surprise For Their Half A Millionth Passenger

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LOT Polish Airlines Prepared Stunning Surprise For Their Half A Millionth Passenger

LOT Polish Airlines have a surprise for their half a millionth passenger!

Sure, numerous airlines have celebrations in which they go out of the way to celebrate with the passengers. Perks for such lucky passengers can be anything! You would know if you were ever lucky enough to be a part of the airlines’ celebrations. For this half a millionth passenger of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft from LOT Polish Airlines, they have prepared a surprise he wasn’t prepare for!

When in November 2014, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in LOT’s livery had carried half a million passengers, they decided to distinguish their half a millionth passenger at the Warsaw Chopin Airport. The video starts with that passenger approaching the counter probably or boarding…. That is where his surprise starts to unfold: Artists from Teatr Muzyczny ROMA perform an unusual flash mob performance. It isn’t a treat to that half a millionth passenger alone but for all other travelers as well!

It feels special enough watching the flash mob perform to the ever-famous Mamma Mia song. Surely enough though, the passenger looks totally bewildered, trying to figure out what is happening and not having the slightest awareness of his privilege of being the half a millionth passenger! Imagine the excitement and confusion he would be facing at that moment. His experience would have gotten so many times better than the usual!

It is really amazing that the LOT have thought of something like this – it’s pretty unique and no other airline have ever done anything of the sort. Are you wondering if this is what they did on making it to half a million passengers on Boeing 787 Dreamline, what would they do when it hits the millionth mark? Oh, we can only wonder!

The song the mob is performing to is so upbeat, it puts you right in the mood. Inevitably, it would have put the traveler in some mood too! You will love the flash mob at the Warsaw Airport!

Thanks to LOT Polish Airlines for performing this incredible surprise!

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