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This Sweet-Sounding Music By An Incredible Artist Will Speak To Your Soul

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This Sweet-Sounding Music By An Incredible Artist Will Speak To Your Soul

Guitars can produce really soothing tunes. They are an essential to any kind of composing. With all the technological advancements effecting the music industry, the art of old-school guitars is getting lost as well. There are only a handful of artists who have true passion for plying guitars and their works are simply extraordinary!

Alan Gogoll is amongst this group of guitar enthusiasts.

If you have heard of him before or looked at his work previously, you would know the level of his creativity. The originality in his work is what makes him standout. His acoustic guitar expertise and sense of intricate music compositions is quite rightfully depicted in this video. It surely takes a lot of practice and fine finger movements to realise when to strike a particular chord and all the other basics of guitar playing. But in the video, Alan truly makes it look effortless – which is quite impressive in itself.

The video is a treat to the eyes and ears of anyone who admires good’ol acoustic guitars. As for those who generally appreciate good music, it is nothing less. To me “Through the leaves” is one of the best compositions from Alan. Once you start listening to it, you won’t be able to leave it middle-way until you hear it through and through.

For hopeless romantics and admirers of music, this song is a gift. Imagine listening to it while with your significant other, at a hillside at sunset – gives you the feels, doesn’t it? Alan’s compositions usually have a lasting effect on the listeners anyway. It should come as no surprise if you fall in love with his work after listening to this awe-inspiring song!

However, it should be left for you to listen and judge!

Thanks to Alan Gogoll for this incredible video! Make sure to follow this incredible talent on his Facebook Page!

Through the Leaves

Posted by Alan Gogoll on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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