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This Is How Sound Effects Are Made In Your Favorite Movies And It’s Bizarre

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This Is How Sound Effects Are Made In Your Favorite Movies And It’s Bizarre

Have you ever watched a movie without a sound? Sounds like rustling of the leaves, roar of the thunder and raindrops touching the water. Can you imagine a movie without all these detailed sound effects? No, right!? These sounds are what give the movie more realistic appeal and makes it interesting to watch. But, have you wondered how the movie makers are able to record such minor sounds so clearly and perfectly in sync with the scene? This video will answer all your questions!

Stefan Fraticelli is a sound effect specialist who has worked on various famous movies. He is most known for his work on Battleship, Repo Men and Power Rangers. Once you have seen the complete video, you will understand why his work has earned him such fame amongst movie makers. It takes a lot of expertise to be able to do what he does so effortlessly.

Sounds are truly crucial to movies. The movies wouldn’t be what they are if it weren’t for the sound effects. Imagine a horror movie without the sound of those fading footsteps, creek of the door or glass shattering in the distance – not so horrific now, is it? The beach walk scene with audible footsteps on the sand would not have the similar effect without the sound of the footsteps.

The video surely puts light on the importance of sounds – the bird sound is not actually a bird and similarly, the sound of the water drops falling from the tap aren’t actually dropping. These are all recorded after the scene have been filmed and then put together. Precision is the key to getting it right!

After knowing the secret to the sounds in the movies, you might not watch them the same way. Maybe you wonder what would have produced the sound you are hearing right now instead of actually watching the movie, haha! Let’s hope the video does not ruin your movie night!

Thanks to Oddio Studio Inc. for this video and Power of Positivity for putting it all together! Make sure to like them both!

How Movie Sounds Are Made

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Posted by Power of Positivity on Sunday, September 30, 2018

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