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This inspiring story of a young street athlete will make you hungry for motivation

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This inspiring story of a young street athlete will make you hungry for motivation

If you have a positive mind, you can achieve any goal you have set for yourself. Positivity not only keeps you away from over thinking and depression, but it also helps you become a better version of yourself. Nothing proves this more than the example set by Jessica Bogdanov from Brooklyn, New York, who is known as a queen of street workout.

Not only is she beautiful, but has an impressive talent which reflects her inner strength. In 2015, she won the world street workout champion award and her fame led to millions of people getting inspired and followed into her footsteps!

Having strength and positivity, she is unstoppable with her super flexible body. She does not need a confined personal space to exercise her moves. The whole world is her platform and anyone can be the audience. She is super confident with her body and does not shy away from public attention. She loves exploring new things and breaking physical barriers to be better at what she loves doing every day. Her head coach is super proud of her and has told everyone that he has not seen another person more motivated or confident as she is. When she was young, she has earned success in a rather fast manner and it is all because of her daily commitment to her one goal.

Now a public figure, she has support from all her fans throughout the world. She shares her diet and routine as much as possible with interested people in order to spread the positivity and be an inspiration for others. Her only goal for the future is to become a better version of herself and to excel her current skill set. To see her live her life to the fullest on the streets, watch this video below!

Thanks to Power of Positivity for making this incredible video and make sure to follow Jessica on her Instagram Profile!

Queen of the Street Workout

The world is her playground!

Posted by Power of Positivity on Sunday, October 7, 2018

Video heading was taken from Jessica Bogdanov

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