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Father And Baby Got Some Serious Moves Going On And They Will Make Your Day

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Father And Baby Got Some Serious Moves Going On And They Will Make Your Day

This video of a father dancing with his son just made my day!

If you’re a father of a little boy, the probability is high that you and your toddler are very closely connected. He will imitate everything you do, and he will see you as the hero in his life.

He will dress up in the same clothes as you, imitate the way you talk and the way you stand. He will try everything he can to gain your attention and your approval.

Indisputably, you can see in his eyes that you are his personal superhero!

If you’re a father to a son who is a bit older now, you will recollect the lifelong memories of your connection with your son when he was little. When time goes by, the relationship will vary, because every kid needs to develop into a man and go through the rough patches of puberty. You will both have to work hard to maintain the relationship. But the relationship you develop later on will set the course for a lifetime bond between you and your son.

As I was reading this, I stumbled upon a hilarious video that reminded me of my lovely nephew.

A father dancing to a remix of the song El Profesor – Bella Ciao will make you laugh like crazy!

I watched it over 10 times and I must say that you have to pay attention to the face of the baby, because his facial expressions are hilarious.

The bond between the father and son must be nurtured, and here’s one great example to start when your son is still a baby.

Thanks to Kontor Records for this amazing video! Make sure to follow them on Facebook for more!

They got them moves

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Posted by Kontor Records on Sunday, September 16, 2018

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