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This Selfless Act Shows How Important Even The Smallest Things Can Be

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This Selfless Act Shows How Important Even The Smallest Things Can Be

With her best clothes on, a young woman stood on the path. A lot of people stopped and asked her if she needed help or where her folks were.

But no one cared or noticed when she stood there in dirty, torn clothes.

It was a terrible truth that people mostly judged her by how she looked and didn’t see her worth as a person.

Because of this behavior, it was hard to imagine a world where everyone would be treated the same, no matter how much money they had or how attractive they were.

It was sad that people think the lives of some people are more important than others just because they look better or have more money.

One great example was the homeless man sitting in Dunkin’ Donuts.

He was having a hard time making ends meet with just extra change, and no one paid any attention to him until the woman approached him.

Then, out of kindness, she bought him coffee and a sandwich out of her own pocket in exchange for him sitting and talking with her for almost an hour before he had to go to class.

She didn’t know what the message he sent her before she left meant.

We should all try to make a place where everyone feels valued and respected, no matter what their situation is.

We can all live in a better world because of this. It shows that even if someone doesn’t have much, they can still offer useful information and have a conversation if given the chance.

Casey Fischer was on her way to Dunkin’ Donuts when she saw a man on the side of the road asking for money.

The man, Chris, told Fischer about his problems with being homeless and how he had been treated unfairly in the past because of his situation.

She was so interested in him that she pulled him up to her table and paid for his meal.

He also admitted to using drugs in the past before she had to leave for class.

But before she left, Chris gave Fischer a scrunched-up piece of paper with something written on it that really hit her.

The paper says he was thinking about committing suicide until he met her.

Her simple kindness gave Chris energy and hope.

We need to recognize and thank this brave young woman for how much she cares about people who are less wealthy than her.

Through her offer to have coffee with someone who doesn’t have much, Casey has shown that even small actions can have a big effect on other people’s lives.

Just what the world needs are caring, compassionate individuals who want to make a change in the lives of those around them.

Stories like this one give us hope that not all is lost when it comes to kindness and understanding in our culture.

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Doing something kind for someone else gave them hope and faith in people again.

We need to share this beautiful story with as many people as possible so they can learn how small acts of kindness can have big effects on communities around the world.

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