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Woman Allows Homeless Man To Spend The Night, Wakes To Alarming Scene

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Woman Allows Homeless Man To Spend The Night, Wakes To Alarming Scene

A Texas woman decided to offer shelter and warmth to a homeless man by letting him spend the night in her spare bedroom.

After everyone was deep asleep late that night, she was awoken to a surprising scene in her own home.

The 66-year-old grandmother (whose identity was withheld) and her two granddaughters currently reside in Houston without any other family members.

Since she had a spare bedroom and a generous spirit, she let Thomas Smith, a homeless man, stay there.

At around 1:30 a.m., the woman was awakened by Smith’s actions, after she had assumed that everyone else in the home had already gone to bed.

Smith told KPRC that a “big old boom” had woken him up, but it appears that the grandmother and her grandchildren were not.

Smith initially thought someone was attempting to break into the house, but he soon learned otherwise.

He quickly acted upon what he observed as he unlocked the door to the homeowner’s bedroom and discovered what was on top of her.

An explosion in the attic had started a fire that was engulfing the house in smoke.

The loving grandma had not moved from her bed after the explosion, but she was now under a layer of sheet rock.

Smith quickly swept the debris off of her and dragged her out of bed and the house to safety, but the girls were still trapped inside.

The homeless hero returned to the burning house, risking heat stroke and smoke inhalation, to save the lives of two little children, ages 8 and 10.

Carrying the kids in his arms, he boldly exited the house to reunite the girls with their grandmother.

The house and everything in it were destroyed, but somehow Smith and everyone else involved escaped unharmed.

The house she had owned for 40 years was destroyed right in front of her eyes, but at least she and her grandchildren are still here.

It all started with a single act of kindness for another person, who then returned the favor in a truly remarkable way.

While most people would never think to offer shelter to a homeless guy, perhaps the woman felt compelled to do so out of fear for her family’s safety.

Without him, many people might have been hurt or killed in that blast.

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This unexpected turn of events is a perfect example of how blessings can manifest themselves in unusual ways.

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