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Poor Woman Cleans Rich Man’s House To Survive—10 Years Later Gets An Unexpected Call That Changed Everything

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Poor Woman Cleans Rich Man’s House To Survive—10 Years Later Gets An Unexpected Call That Changed Everything

For ten years, Becky cleaned Gregory’s mansion as his housekeeper. She worked hard so that she could provide for her two kids and put money away for their future education. One day gets unexpected call that changed everything.

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before, so keep reading to find out why.

Since Gregory and his first wife Linda were a two-person household, Becky has been working for Gregory.

Despite their wealth, they treated Becky with kindness and talked to her frequently.

The sudden death of Linda affected Gregory and Becky deeply.

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Since then, Gregory hasn’t had anyone close to him but Becky, who he treats like a daughter and confides in frequently.

Gregory was devastated by Linda’s death and felt a desperate need to compensate for her absence.

When a stunning young woman caught his eye during one of his business meetings, he knew he had to have her.

Marissa, Gregory’s new wife, disliked Becky. They scarcely acknowledged her once she and her grown son moved into Gregory’s mansion, and they instructed Becky to only appear in front of them while serving meals.

Becky overheard Marissa on the phone one day, discussing Gregory’s possible covid infection with another person.

She then asked to check on Gregory and climbed the stairs. Defiantly, Marissa said no.

Instead, Marissa made additional work for Becky by dumping her glass of red wine all over the carpet.

“After you’re done cleaning the stains off the carpet, go and wash the dishes. My son ordered Chinese takeout for him and his friends and made a mess of the dining hall,” she directed.

Becky got to work immediately so as not to further disillusion Marissa.

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She began by attempting to remove the red wine stain from the carpet before moving on to the kitchen and washing the dishes.

After Becky had finished, she heard the automobile start up.

She peeked inside and saw Marissa’s son driving and Marissa, dressed for a party, making her way to the passenger seat.

Becky made Gregory a bowl of hot soup after she saw them drive away. She sneakily brought it upstairs to his room without waking him.

Becky didn’t know it, but Gregory had passed out from his high fever and was sleeping.

Becky began ranting to the older man before waking him up, and he listened without her knowing it.

“I miss when it was just you, Lindy, and I at home,” she sighed. “I’ve made your favorite soup, but I don’t want to wake you. I hope you see it when you wake up,” she said, placing the tray down as gently as she could on the table.

“I wanted to feed you sooner, but Marissa wouldn’t let me up. I’m sorry, Sir Gregory. I wish I could help you more,” she apologized. “I did not know that they planned to go out tonight. I would have stayed, but my children are waiting for me at home. I have no more money for a babysitter, and I really need to head home soon, or else she is going to charge me more,” Becky added, slowly making her way to the door.

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The following morning, Gregory pretended to be asleep as Marissa and her son were talking. “This old man is such a bummer. How can we host a party here when he’s in this room sleeping? My friends and I won’t be able to make noise!” the boy complained.

“I know. I didn’t think he’d last this long when I married him,” Marissa sighed.

Hearing this, Gregory knew he had made a terrible decision when he married her. She didn’t give a hoot about him and was only interested in her cash.

A covid would be ideal for him. She thought, “Then, as his wife, I’ll inherit all of his wealth.”

“Shush, mom. He might wake up!” her son warned. “But that would be nice, wouldn’t it?” he started to daydream.

A few more days passed, and Gregory felt better. He told his wife and stepson that he was moving the family to San Francisco as he pursued business expansion. Saying, “I bought a posh, Victorian mansion there.”

He was amused by the squeals that left his wife’s mouth. “Oh I can’t WAIT to live there!” she gushed. “Imagine all the soirees we can throw there!”

Gregory shrugged, pretending to be as excited as she was. “I don’t want to disappoint you, so I’m having everything prepared very well,” he lied. “I booked a five-star hotel room for you in the meantime. You two can stay there, and wait for my staff to be in touch.”

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Marissa’s anticipation for her trip increased at the prospect of staying in a luxurious hotel.

She and her son frantically packed their belongings, certain that they would soon be relocating to a magnificent new home.

On her day off, Becky was assisting her children with their homework when she received a call from a real estate agent. “Hello,” she said in a friendly tone. “What can I do for you?”

Mr. Anderson here from 15 Realty. He inquired, “Do you happen to know anything about the house located at 275 Oak Street?”

“Yes,” she confirmed, her curiosity piqued. “I work there. Why? Did anything happen?”

“I’m calling on Mr. Gregory’s behalf, if you please. He wants you to know that your employment with the company has ended as of today. That’s where you live,” the man said.

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“What? That can’t be true, right? I need to find Mr. Gregory,” asked Becky. She was about to leave the office in a panic, fearing the worst had occurred to her benevolent boss at the mansion.

“Mr. Gregory is starting fresh in San Francisco.” The man said, “He would like to leave everything in the house to you and your children. It would be really appreciated if you could meet me in Oak Street in two hours so that I may hand you the legal document to Mr. Gregory’s residence. Can you do that?”

Becky felt like she was dreaming because she could not believe what was happening. “Is this real?” she finally blurted out. She asked, “Will I still be able to see Mr. Gregory?”

The guy gave her his word that what she was hearing was genuine. “I can verify it to you if we could meet on the property.”

Becky didn’t think twice before packing up her two kids and making the trip to Mr. Gregory’s house. The attorney was waiting for her at that location.

Indeed, all of Marissa’s personal belongings had vanished, and most of the house’s priceless artifacts had been left untouched.

The attorney then gave her the signed forms and a letter from her former employer. It stated:


To me, you’ve always been like a daughter. I appreciate everything you did for me over the past decade. I’m willing to entrust you with my home because I know you and your kids deserve a safe and secure environment. This is your new permanent residence, which used to be your home as well. Please give me a call if you and the kids ever make it to San Francisco; I would love to meet up with you.

With love, Gregory”

By the time Becky finished reading the letter, she was in tears. She said that the first thing she would do when she got a raise was to buy plane tickets to San Francisco so she could take her kids to meet Gregory.

Meanwhile, Marissa and her kid were in for the biggest surprise of their life when Gregory’s attorney showed up at the hotel where they were staying.

She inquired eagerly, “Are you going to take us to the airport now?”

The man replied, “No,” very firmly. The man told her, “I’m here to serve you your divorce papers,” and he gave her an envelope.

“Separation agreement?! “What the heck are you talking about?!” she exclaimed.

“Mr. Gregory overheard you speak ill of him while he was down with covid,” the attorney said. “Now that he knows your actual motives, he no longer wants to have any contact with you. With the prospect of a court order hanging over her head if she didn’t sign the documents, Marissa signed without hesitation.”

With nothing but the clothes on their backs, Marissa and her kid had no choice but to return to the tiny cottage they had once called home.

Meanwhile, Becky was able to offer a stable environment for her children to grow up in.

So, what’s the moral of the story?

Your efforts to improve the world around you will be rewarded.

Even though Marissa was being tough on her, Becky still had Gregory’s best interests in mind because she cared about him deeply.

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In the end, Gregory gave her his house as a gift for her loyalty.

Everyone you encounter will not have your best interests at heart.

Gregory wed Marissa because he was certain of her love. He learned that all she cared about after all was his money.

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