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A Guy Chooses To Build A Tiny Cottage For A Homeless Woman Camping Outside His House

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A Guy Chooses To Build A Tiny Cottage For A Homeless Woman Camping Outside His House

Elvis Summers was profoundly moved by Irene “Smokie” McGee’s selflessness when he discovered her sleeping on the ground in front of his Los Angeles house.

Summers utilized his carpentry skills to construct a modest home for McGee after learning about the rising popularity of such dwellings.

Summers felt compelled to help after realizing that she had no means of protection from the elements.

The problem of homelessness affects thousands of Americans every day, and it’s not unique to big cities like Los Angeles.

Those who lack safe, affordable shelter are more likely to fall into dire circumstances, from which they may need assistance to emerge.

A homeless woman was given shelter and a renewed sense of hope thanks to Elvis Summers’s little but meaningful gesture. Still, her experience rings all too true in many communities across the United States.

Dave Summers didn’t know that Maggie McGee was homeless when they first met.

After talking to Maggie for three weeks, Dave found out that she didn’t even have a cardboard box to keep out the weather.

When David saw the need for supplies, he rushed out to the hardware store and dropped $500. He was resolved to provide assistance to the distressed lady.

He then set out to construct a portable, secure dwelling for Maggie to use as a place to store her belongings.

In 2015, after many long days of labor, David completed his project, and he documented the whole thing on video.

Following completion of the tiny house, he uploaded a video to YouTube in an effort to bring attention to the issue of homelessness and encourage viewers to help those in need right in their own communities.

He was able to launch the “Little House, Big Purpose” campaign because his video has amassed over seven million views.

Because of this, David is even more motivated to aid those in his neighborhood who lack safety and basic requirements.

Besides helping to pay for McGee’s basic needs, McGee is looking into ways to help those less fortunate than himself, such as by expanding their access to education and employment.

This remarkable account illustrates how far one individual can go when motivated by compassion for others.

Summers saw something peculiar while out and about on errands one day.

A sixty-year-old woman had dug herself a hole close to a house so others could have access to modern conveniences.

Modern comforts like running water, flushing toilets, clean water for drinking and cooking, air conditioning, televisions, and microwaves are taken for granted.

After being moved by the woman’s plight, Summers made a beeline for the hardware store in search of a suitable overnight shelter for her.

The unpaid energy bill was less of a priority to him than making sure she had a safe and pleasant place to stay.

A nearby church took notice of his efforts and graciously offered the use of their parking lot as a place for the “Little Homes” to spend the night.

As part of its humanitarian mission, the church has also pledged to provide food, bathing facilities, and clothing to individuals in need.

When the video became a hit around the world, John Summers’ priorities changed.

While having initially intended to help only a small number of individuals, he has indicated that the overwhelming positive response he has gotten has convinced him to broaden his focus and help as many people as he can.

Listening about the life of such a selfless man is inspiring, and it’s worthwhile to think about the ways in which we, too, may make positive contributions to the communities in which we live.

We can make a difference by helping those in need by offering our time, money, or goods to charities.

In addition, we may start conversations on issues like poverty and inequality. As a result, we may be able to roll out further initiatives to help underprivileged neighborhoods in the long run.

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