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This Parenthood Preparation Exercise On A Treadmill Will Make Your Day

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This Parenthood Preparation Exercise On A Treadmill Will Make Your Day

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen today!

If I have to choose the hardest pain to bear, I would easily say stepping on a lego! The second place would definitely be when I hit my little toe on a furniture. Those two things can compare with the pain of giving birth… just kidding. Nothing compares to giving birth.

Dude Where’s My Challenge, also known as, Where’s My Challenge or DWMC, is a YouTube channel consisting of 4 people (Matt, Harry, Lewis and Paul). The group are from Southampton, England and started originally with 2 members.

Pretty much the channel is about challenges! They take on challenges and try their best to beat them or fail in style!

One of their challenges was super funny and realistic. Whoever came up with this challenge should win a gold medal, because if you pass this one, then you are fully ready to become a parent!

The challenge was pretty simple: you get on a treadmill, catch your tempo, and on the front side one guy spill lego bricks from a box. A lot of lego bricks. If you want to win this challenge and become a resilient parent, you have to swallow the sharp pain and try to go through all the boxes.

This guy didn’t make it, but we can easily say that he is half way ready to become a parent! I hope he will do better next time and win the gold “dad” medal!

Please make sure to follow Wheres my challenge on their Facebook Page and YouTube Channel! They post hilarious videos!

Watch the video bellow:

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