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Incredibly Smart 5-year-old Boy Knows Everything About Flying A Plane

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Incredibly Smart 5-year-old Boy Knows Everything About Flying A Plane

Incredibly smart 5-year-old boy astonished the pilots when he was allowed into the cockpit of the plane and explained the functions of the buttons.

The young champ Adam Mohammed Amer was invited in the cockpit of the plane when he spoke to the stewardess how much he love planes.

The pilot, Caption Samer Yakhlef was amazed when he heard this young kid speak about planes.

The video has been released to show the kids unusual knowledge for his years. It was on the Etihad Airways flight.

You can hear Adam saying: “Some planes have a Ram air turbine. It gets emergency systems back on if the engines fail. The Ram [air] turbine can help to bring back the systems. But due to the no-engine power, the landing gear doors will not come up. After that you have to do something else to lower the flaps. You have to drop the gear by gravity alone. And if you have no hydraulics and your plane is taking right, you reduce engine 1 and increase engine 2 then the plane will go level again.”

Adam really impressed the captain when he said to him: “I’m going to be captain, just like you.”

Adam has always been into planes. His father says that when he enters a toy store, the first thing he does is grab an airplane.

“He has always had a thirst for knowledge and he questions everything. We knew if we wanted to develop his character, then we should give him the space to ask and learn.” says Adam’s father.

Adam said: “When I become a captain, my English teacher will be my passenger and I’ll take her to London, Heathrow. I want to travel to America, the North Pole, the South Pole and all the seven skies.”

We can all agree that this is too much knowledge for a 5-year-old kid. He’s definitely going to be a pilot!

Thanks to The Savage Sheikh for this amazing video. Make sure to follow him for more!

Watch the video bellow:

A 5 year & 11 months old boy went to meet Etihad Airways' pilot during his flight. What happens next is shocking. 😮😮

Posted by The Savage Sheikh on Monday, 9 October 2017

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