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Take This Video Test And Get Blown Away By Your Awareness Skills

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Take This Video Test And Get Blown Away By Your Awareness Skills

In this hectic world today, it’s hard to be here, present, with your awareness level on point.

I work online. Every day I am working on this website. To be honest, sometimes I can’t even put myself in my own shoes! It’s like my brain is working on something all the time and I cannot get my conscious part here. I am always thinking about something.

Yes, meditation helps in the morning, but as soon as I start working on the computer, every conscious part gets “uploaded” on the internet, and I no longer have my present time.

But don’t pity me, I know we all fight battles with the present time. Being aware that we are not present is a step ahead to becoming present. Many are not even aware that they wandering with their mind all the time.

However, there are many things online to test our awareness, and this one bellow is one of them.

It’s a simple test, and you just have to follow the guidelines. But when all is said and done it will blow you away. It might look simple, but the end will astound you.

On the video caption they have written:

“How many passes does the team in white make? Test your awareness and Do the Test!”

Get your razor sharp focus on this one because there might be some pass that you might miss… at least that’s what I thought.

Thanks to dothetest for this amazing video and make sure to follow them for more!

Watch the video bellow:

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