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This Guy Found A Secret Door In His New Apartment. What He Found Is Hauntingly Awesome

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This Guy Found A Secret Door In His New Apartment. What He Found Is Hauntingly Awesome

When I bought my apartment, I wasn’t expecting to knock on the wall and open a secret passage to a whole new apartment and man cave!

Well, that’s not really what happened with this guy, but it sure is creepy as hell what he found…

Although it used to be an old English monastery in the 19th century, it was renovated. There are approximately 30 apartments inside and this tiny studio was a really cheap for the price.

The kitchen/living room has high ceilings, like the used to do the buildings decades ago. This is a very old building.

He set up the man essentials ready to go.

Because of the high ceilings, the bed was in a very unique spot.

A loft stretched out over the kitchen.

There’s a small bathroom on the first floor.

However, there is something strange here…

A handle that looks like a door.

What’s in there?! Hello? Anybody? Somebody?! Oh, just an extra storage down there.

Hell no… wait!

A staircase to hell?

At first glance it looked like it went under the whole building.

Finally, a brave companion was found to explore this horror. Time to go on. The hatch led to a 19th century layout of hatches and corridors beneath.

The rooms were under different tenants.

At the end of the corridor, there was more…

A possible secret room, in a secret passage, in between apartments. How cool, or CREEPY is that?!

Room with a vaulted ceiling leading to more creepiness.

A modern graffiti? Wait, someone was visiting this place over the last decade. The last room was large with high ceiling.

Maybe a great place for an entertainment center… or a crypt?!

God knows what happened here, but me no like it.

There was an hole in the middle of the floor with loose dirt in it. It looked like someone recently unearthed something… yeah that!

Terrifying stairs leading back up into the apartment

God knows what truly went down there over the years, but I hope that this guy gets the space for free!

He could get two apartments for the price of one. One renovation over those creepinesses, and it’s good to go!

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I’m a little jealous that my place doesn’t have a trap door OR a secret dungeon. But when I think about it, no thanks!

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