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Girl Has Intense Itch Inside Nose – Visits Doctors And Makes Horrifying Discovery

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Girl Has Intense Itch Inside Nose – Visits Doctors And Makes Horrifying Discovery

A girl has an intense itch inside of her nose. When she visits the doctor they discovered something horrifying.

The woman’s name is Daniela Levy Ronnie and she is 24 years old from Edinburgh Scotland. Like every young adult, Daniela wants the travel the world, do backpacking and meet traveler’s along the way.

She was backpacking and doing adventurous things in Asia, but as all things considered, we have to be cautious in foreign countries of potential dangers. She wanted to visit Vietnam first.

Daniela got into a minor accident on a motorcycle, but luckily she wasn’t hurt badly. Shortly after, she noticed that her nose started to feel itchy.

The itching persisted, but the alarm went on when her nose started to bleed. A couple of days later she flew back to Scotland, but the nosebleeds and itchiness persisted. The most alarming thing was when she felt something sticky on her top lip nasal when she was showering.

All of a sudden, she looked herself in the mirror and gasped in horror! She saw something that looked like a dark blob coming out of her nose. Something straight out of Stranger Things.

Daniela quickly rushed to the hospital’s emergency area.

What they saw terrified the nurses. It was enormous leech!

The doctors had to open her nostrils wide while two nurses pinned her to the bed. It was hard process whenever the doctors grabbed the leech.

Daniela felt the leech squeezing inside the nose every time the doctors tried to grab it, but after half an hour they had the leech in the tweezers. The horrifying thing was fat as a thumb so she decided to give it the nickname of Mr. Curly at one point.

The doctors did a great job in extracting the parasite because they don’t encounter something like that every day.

The doctors said it most likely got into her body through contaminated drinking water in Asia.

That was probably the reason for the frequent nosebleeds. The leech had reached almost three inches long and if doctors had not removed it in time Mr. Curly would have eventually crawled up into her brain and began feeding on that.

Thankfully it ended well for Daniela. Stay cautious folks!

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