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This Brilliant Juggling Performer Is So Good He Will Get Your Head Spinning

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This Brilliant Juggling Performer Is So Good He Will Get Your Head Spinning

Have you been a fan of juggling? Are you mesmerized by how fast jugglers manipulate objects? Well, if yes then this is the video you need to watch! Even if you aren’t a fan, you will surely love the performance Kris pulls off!

So, the video starts quite normally and then he starts juggling around the hat, the ball and that thing in his mouth – not sure what that is, haha! Anyways, you will feel the tension building up right from that moment. Things will only get interesting from there on – he will add exciting objects to his act and you will be left in awe seeing him play around with them!

Kris Kremo started juggling when he was 15-years old and performed at Star Dust Hotel in Las Vegas for a record eleven-years. His experience is well reflected in this performance. You will notice how effortlessly he handles the objects – from beneath the knees, up in the air and on the forearms. It is simply amazing how he manages to juggle them all and not drop a single object – it is called professionalism and dedication!

Juggling requires balance and Kris’ balance is quite amazing! It requires keen attention and focus to be able to do what he does – how do you know when to catch the hat? How do you know when to balance the hat vertically on your nose? Obviously, attention and practice!

Later in the performance, his manipulation with the brick-kind objects is quite spectacular too. It would ruin the fun for you if we discuss how he pulls it off or what it is. But the complementary sounds during that part of the act are simply spot-on! Even though the background music adds to the theatrics of the entire performance, for that specific part, they just add more humour and excitement. You would love to see him perform live!

Thanks to Street Magic – The Mystery for publishing this amazing video! Make sure to follow them for more!


For juggling fans – The amazing KrisPublished by Psy Trance Events Worldwide

Posted by Street Magic – The Mystery on Friday, November 24, 2017

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