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Acrobatic Couple Horrible Accident On America’s Got Talent Will Give You The Chills

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Acrobatic Couple Horrible Accident On America’s Got Talent Will Give You The Chills

These acrobats failing to pull off a stunt will leave you open-mouthed!

America’s Got Talent has seen numerous acrobat participants just as any other Got Talent franchise. Just as thrilling as it appears, acrobatic acts pose large risks. And when you are on a reality show like American’s Got Talent, you are willing to take any risks just to prove your talent. It is exactly what the Duo Transcend did and decided to take their act to another level.

The couple, Duo Transcend went to audition for the America’s Got Talent. Once you have seen the entire video, you would realize why there wasn’t a slightest chance they would not have gotten in – they pull off one of the best trapeze you have ever seen! Their determination to extend the boundaries and the passion for acrobatics is quite evident in their performances. This particular act is no different – you will feel the energy, the zeal and adrenaline as you watch them play around in the air.

However, things take a dreadful turn for the couple when they become too ambitious and try out a stunt mid-air with blind folds. The guy puts them on while wife prepares to take the drop…. You might have guessed the accident by now – yes, the guy unintentionally fails to grab her and she falls off! It seems pretty ugly but surely, it would have hurt their confidence more than it would have had an impact on the spectators… Or so you would think. Just wait until she is on her feet again and listen to her request.

It is one of the finest acrobatic acts America’s Got Talent has ever witnessed. One of the judges commented how they asked the couple to step up their game and they stepped it up more than they could ever imagine! They deserve a huge round of applauds and a lot more respect for their consistence!

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Duo Transcend HORRIBLE TV accident – America's Got Talent

Duo Transcend acrobatic couple: Guy ACCIDENTLY drops his wife mid-air above FIRE (This is not funny!) 😱Watch the full acts here:

Posted by Talent Recap on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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