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There’s Nothing You Can Do That Will Stop This Cat From Opening Your Door

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There’s Nothing You Can Do That Will Stop This Cat From Opening Your Door

Did you say your cat could open the door by pressing the handle?

Many of us have pet animals and so we know how smart they can become over the time. Surely enough, with right kind of training, they can be taught a lot of stuff. What about the stuff they just pick themselves? What about the model learning they show when you don’t ask for it? You have got to be careful with all of that, right? Well, this video is a perfect example of what your pet might pick up from your daily routine.

How many of you have a cat? What are the tricks it can pull off? Honestly, there is never a way that you can tell what exactly your cat knows. You never know when it pulls off a trick you did not even know the cat knows – that is a lot of knowing, haha!

Anyways, amongst whatever your cat knows, has it ever managed to get a door open successfully? Well, this cat right here, named Mulder is smart enough to figure out how to open a door using the handle! It makes sense if a cat knows that it has to push the already open door to open it completely but to figure the earlier part out – that is clever!

When Sven, owner of the cat, puts the cat in the closet and it comes out by opening the door all by itself, it surely looks creepy. It makes sense why Sven would comment that Mulder scares him! But seeing the cat open the door from the other side looks not-so-creepy.

If you ever lock your cat and the door opens, no need to get scared. It probably figured out what it had to do to come out. It seems like our pets follow us more closely then we think they do!

Thanks to Sven for sharing this amazing video!

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