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If You Got Talent Is Limited To Human Participants Only, Loulou Will Make You Think Twice

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If You Got Talent Is Limited To Human Participants Only, Loulou Will Make You Think Twice

As it is quite known that the Got Talent franchise is famous for getting out the best in people. It is a perfect platform to showcase any talents you have got. Hence, people do not let go of an opportunity to display what they have got – whether it be in America, Britain, Australia, or anywhere around the world.

Seldom does it happen that an animal is accompanying a human for the auditions considering what possible talent would an animal have. Well, on Germany’s Got Talent, LouLou proved everyone wrong – see how he plays around with Rodrigue.

We all know how playful dogs can be. If treated right, they can be happiest creatures on earth and LouLou is one of the happiest dogs you will ever come across! It might have taken a bit of practice for Rodrigue to get LouLou in perfect sync with himself. Nonetheless, it looks pretty effortless and spontaneous – like LouLou is just playing along with his owner.

Spectators are finding it so adorable, how joyous LouLou looks and plays along. Surely, you would feel happy watching him too – the way he moves his front legs in sync with Rodrigue’s legs, he does backflips on Rodrigue’s chest and how to avoid that cute rope skipping! You wouldn’t usually expect a dog to do all this in mere 3 minutes but LouLou has no problem pulling it off!

Judges surely found LouLou to be talented enough and it looks like the dog had it coming. The tricks are pretty dope and people are loving it! In fact it wasn’t just the people but the dog himself was immersed in the moment, enjoying every move he was making. It seems evident on his face that he is having a good time and that is what speaks to people. You are going to love him!

Thanks to Got Talent Global for publishing this amazing video! Make sure to follow them on YouTube and Facebook for more amazing videos!

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