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Jim Carrey Makes Fun Of Thrash Metal Music And It’s Hilarious

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Jim Carrey Makes Fun Of Thrash Metal Music And It’s Hilarious

Jim Carrey being Jim Carrey – hilarious as ever!

It is hardly possible that you wouldn’t know about Jim Carrey – Ace Ventura, The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, Bruce Almighty: the comedy classics which are his courtesy! He is one of the most celebrated comedian and impressionist in the cinematic world. If you haven’t ever seen him perform, this video will give you an insight about the kind of effect he can have on people – you can’t help but laugh!

So, before Jim Carrey went off the deep end, he has done movies which don’t fail to make us laugh even now. Even though he exaggerates the expressions and everything, it doesn’t look extra but in fact, that’s what makes him who he is! How many of you remember his scenes from The Mask? Oh, he was abiding by the overdone role of the mask man so perfectly – no one else would have done it better!

This video right here is a spot on depiction of what Carrey is capable of – just observe him talk about the Metal Music. We all might have tried explaining metal to someone but here he is, so effortlessly and hilariously describing what metal sounds like! He cracks people up every single time.

Oh, you are going to love him in this short clip! His expressions are just priceless. The moment where he talks about the member of the band doing a duet, it’s just humorous and the audience going all hysterical in the background supports the notion. People have loved Carrey and his performances – who doesn’t like a good laugh after all!

After you are done watching this video, you might not ever listen to metal music the same way. Even better, if you have to show explain someone what metal is, just show him this video or your job is done, haha!

Thanks to MetalHub for shedding a light on this hilarious video!

Jim Carrey on "Metal Music" / Napalm Death

Posted by MetalHub on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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