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A Man Singing “Livin’ On A Prayer” In The Middle Of A Gas Station Will Make Your Day!

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A Man Singing “Livin’ On A Prayer” In The Middle Of A Gas Station Will Make Your Day!

You know how people’s good mood transfer positivity in you as well; how seeing someone enjoy a moment makes you feel better? It is exactly what this video will do to you!

Will pulls up at a gas station and meets an unexpected surprise. Surely enough, it just made his day merrier along with others whose day he has made with his cheerful singing! Will surely wasn’t expecting to go live on TV but somehow it seemed he was prepared *wonders*!

It is no surprise that we all do a little karaoke every now and then. If we don’t, there are times where we just sing along with our friends or in the shower. But to sing to someone’s request live on a TV broadcast and that too in the middle of a gas station, oh boy that requires some other level of confidence! Will is inevitably loaded with this degree of buoyancy – amazing!

If you are a 80’s kid just like Will is, you would know Bon Jovi’s song he chose to sing – it is called livin’ on a prayer. He has surely killed it and with that zealous attitude he carries, it just got so much better! You will admire the way he is enjoying the song and living in the moment – that kind of energy is surely contagious! It will make you smile…. Wait until his girlfriend Monifa joins the show.

Will definitely knows how to make most out of a moment. When Monifa starts karaoke of Eurythmics’ Sweet dreams (are made of this), his part makes it so much more fun to listen to. You will love how they both dance to the songs while they are singing – such a happy couple!

This video is ought to make your day! A lot of viewers have watched it on repeat because they couldn’t get enough of their enthusiasm!

Thanks to Will and Monifa for making an incredible show! Make sure to follow them on Facebook for more!

Will and Monifa

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Posted by Will and Monifa on Saturday, May 14, 2016

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