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This Adorable Husky Sings Along The Piano And It Has Better Voice Than Most People

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This Adorable Husky Sings Along The Piano And It Has Better Voice Than Most People

Dogs are men’s best friend said a legend! And it still holds true. It is truly your own thinking limitations that will limit what you can teach your pet dog to do. At times, they will pick even when you are not consciously trying to teach them. Look at this gorgeous husky singing along as his owner plays the piano, almost as if he knows what song it is – how adorable!

If you are wondering how is that dog is singing along the piano tunes, we believe it is due to the bond John Clancy, the YouTuber who owns the husky. He would have probably heard him play and sing along earlier some time and is simply replicating what he has witnessed – smart, right!

People cannot seem to get over this cuteness and some are even wishing they had a husky too! It is actually really delightful to look at. Husky looks so cute singing like that and that too, in perfect sync with the tune of the piano! It is almost as if he has always wanted to sing and John is simply helping him achieve his dreams, haha!

Anyways, if you are having a bad day, this video ought to life your mood and make you feel better. And in case dogs are your best pals, you would feel more connected to this video and find it more relatable. I mean, have you ever notice your dog picking up on your habits? Or mimicking something you do? If you haven’t maybe now you will start paying attention and join in the fun!

Huskies are really amazing breed of dogs. They are fluffy, playful, loyal and overall cute! You would sure love having them around. And if these weren’t the reasons available, this video of a husky singing along the piano might convince you!

Thanks to John Clancy-Tone for publishing this amazing video!

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