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This Sweet-Sounding Composition On Handpan Will Mesmerize You

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This Sweet-Sounding Composition On Handpan Will Mesmerize You

Music can be produced using almost anything. Yes, there are specialist instruments made specifically for the purpose of music composition but for those who cannot afford them, it doesn’t hold them back from enjoying their passion. As for those who have enough, make an investment and come up with a new instrument. In this video, you will see an instrument you probably haven’t before.

Kate Stone is a musician from Berlin and in this video, you will watch her play a song using, what is called, a handpan. The one she has is an Opsilon Handpan. The creator of this handpan wanted to create an instrument that touches the soul and speaks to people on another level. Therefore, he came up with this instrument made out of love and dedication.

It is one of a kind of instrument and for now, it is a German speciality. Understandably enough, not a lot of people would have known about it, let alone listening to it being played. So, this song by Kate Stone has probably introduced the handpan to a whole new audience. And from the looks of it, it seems like many have enjoyed it!

They say music is an art and art is a form of expression. This handpan is a classic representation of this notion considering how Kate played an entire song using this one instrument only. It is such a diverse apparatus that you can get varying sounds out of it.

People have appreciated Kate and you can see for yourself why. If you are into music, the song would have reached out to you. It is certainly a successful effort.

Handpans just might be at the verge of becoming a viral instrument soon – a must to most music compositions!

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"Urban" by Kate Stone

Kate Stone playing "Urban" with a beautiful Opsilon handpanDownload here:

Posted by Kate Stone on Friday, February 10, 2017

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