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Things People Do When They Don’t Really Love You!


Things People Do When They Don’t Really Love You!

When love isn’t true, people usually know it and feel it.

Someone once told me that love is one of the most intense and incomprehensible of all human emotions. One might say, we are alive today because we can love. We do love.

Love transcends time and space and transverses Universes. Love, in the ancient civilizations, was just as concrete and ‘there’, as love today. Love hasn’t “evolved” or become technologically advanced. It has been there since the beginning of civilization, molding society, its rules and norms.

Love can be filial, sexual and sentimental. When love is romantic, as the term, when used casually, refers to, we like to believe that true love finds a way. If the love felt is true, all those “whys” fall silent. “Why” doesn’t matter anymore.

Your partner’s smile and the emotion they evoke in you floods your mind and cools your apprehensions like a parched desert receiving rainfall after a decade. You will know if the love is true and real! They will make sure you feel it, spending time and integrating you into their lives.

But yes, people can be together even when they are not truly in love. If you are with someone, but that person is not in love with you, you will know it. The heart doesn’t lie.

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If you feel that way, it is important to accept that feeling and walk away before it becomes even more difficult to rise out of it. A relationship where the two people do not reciprocate love more or less equally sours over time and eventually it dies out.

A lot of us fear being alone, and would rather be with someone that they don’t love than be by themselves. But that is a wrong attitude to take. Loneliness is not a permanent state of being, and we must not try to escape it by entering a loveless bond, and make ourselves even more miserable. It is okay to be alone, and wait for the right person to come along because you deserve it. Everyone deserves that. And as much a person fears loneliness and fears being without a partner, it is important for them to understand and know that it won’t always be like that and that loneliness doesn’t last forever.

Sometimes, we must be lonely for a little, in order to meet and be with someone great and amazing!

It does not do to give up on love either because of a few bad experiences. Mistakes happen, that is how we learn and that is how we grow. Love is tender and tentative, but there is an inexhaustible store of love in our hearts for the right person, the one for whom we feel true love. The hate, the angst and the bitterness is to be left behind, for love to re-enter your life. Only then will you feel love and light and find true happiness.

You must not blame or hate yourself for failures in love relationships. Neither must you feel pity for yourself. It is important to overcome such feelings for entering a healthy love relationship. Unless you can let go of the past, while retaining its lessons, you will not be ready for true love.

Let it happen spontaneously. Keep loving no matter how many times you fall, don’t let life’s “downs” upset life’s “ups” because the right one might just be around the corner, waiting for you as much as you are waiting for them.

And when you finally find them, you won’t need to be told to love unconditionally, for love recognizes love, and echoes the fire and the light within.

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