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If He Shows You These 6 Signs Do Not Let Him Go


If He Shows You These 6 Signs Do Not Let Him Go

They say that apart from the moments of absolute fear, a person is most honest in the moments of true love. A long term relationship doesn’t afford us the luxury of pretense. Our true selves are revealed to our partners the more we share in our lives, and more importantly, our struggles. That’s why we have to analyze the actions and words of a man over a span of time to truly be able to conclude the worth of his love.

These are the signs that indicates that you’ve really gotten yourself a keeper:

1. No abuses ever

Domestic violence both physical and mental is unacceptable. There are literally no situations short of self-defense where it’s okay to resort to violence in a relationship. Self-control is not just a sign of a man in control of his temper, but is also an indicator of great maturity. In difficult situations he doesn’t give in to his primal urges. Violence really is the last refuge of the incompetent.

2. A Pillar of Support

He is supportive of you and your dreams. Even if he can’t fully understand what drives you, the fact that he can understand the important role he has to play in driving you on to achieve your goals is what makes a relationship truly nurturing and supportive. At the same time he is ready to turn you towards alternative goals if he can see that the current path you’re on will lead to disaster.

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3. Makes you feel Safe

While we accept that gender roles are fluid in the modern relationship, providing protection and security is still a fundamental part of being the man in a relationship. A healthy relationship allows both partners to feel completely safe in each other’s company. The ability to expose your vulnerability is a sign of enormous trust in another person. If you can be vulnerable around him and know that you will be safe from your own demons; you’re on the right track.

4. Honest Is The Best Policy

Your man will never even entertain the possibility of breaking your trust and hurting you in any way. No matter the temptation, his loyalty will hold true to you. Lying and deceiving you (or himself) is not the way he rolls. This is a man who has also managed to accept himself for what he is, and his inner peace allows him to be honest no matter what.

However, this works in other ways too. He will be honest to you no matter what. If there are things you need to hear, he will not hesitate to say them, no matter how much they hurt at the time. If you are on the wrong path he will not lie to you. His honesty extends to your life as well. Don’t expect him to tell you things you want to hear when not hearing those things might prevent you from hurting yourself.

5. His love is generous and selfless

He loves you with a fierce passion and reckless abandon. There can be no limit to how much he has to give. This also extends to the financial questions. He will always respect your needs and work with them.

6. He Makes You Happy

This seems pretty simple but it’s the real ingredient that makes any relationship work. Ask yourself if he truly makes you happy. Does your heart skip a beat every time you see him? Does time seem to fly when you’re with him? Are you so comfortable that you can spend hours in silence with him, and yet feel more fulfilled than any meaningful conversation could have done for you?

If all these boxes are ticked don’t ever let this man go.

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