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9 Signs You Are Finally Getting Over Your Narcissistic Ex


9 Signs You Are Finally Getting Over Your Narcissistic Ex

Breaking up is one of the hardest things one has to endure. It is heart-wrenching, dissatisfying, painful, but sometimes- really important.

A narcissistic partner doesn’t care about much apart from themselves. Their lack of emotional depth or support can be really harrowing.

However, having been pulled into the main vortex of their life, it is very difficult to rid yourself of all their pieces. Here are 9 ways to know that you’re succeeding:

1. You Know When Somebody Is Lying In Their Compliment:

Narcissists are great at duping is into believing that they mean every flowery word they speak. When you start distinguishing between genuine and fake compliments, you know you’ve hit upon the truth.

2. You Don’t (Drunk) Text Them:

The greatest barrier to overcome, once you’ve broken up, is resisting the desire to run back. In your defense, it is excruciatingly painful to have to let go of a carefully crafted comfort zone. We hate losing people we love. If you no longer feel the intense need to communicate with them, you’re well on your way to recovery.

3. You Can Block Them Out:

When they come crawling back, you are not waiting with open arms. You know how toxic and dangerous it is. Maintaining distance is difficult to master. But if you’ve achieved it, then you’re several steps ahead. You no longer rush to answer their call or message. When they ask to hang out, you are strong enough to refuse.

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4. You Are Flourishing Under Your Own Influence:

Your life decisions do not concern them anymore. Your shopping list does not need to be modified according to their preferences. You can go where you want, dine with whoever you please, and pursue the projects that speak to your heart. Not being in a toxic relationship leaves you with a lot of time to focus on yourself. Kudos to you if you’re using it to soar higher in life!

5. You Can Share Your Knowledge With Others:

This ability only comes with complete clarity. In retrospect, you realize how every blunder has taught you something. Now, if you see somebody in a similar situation, you can offer first-hand help to them. Being able to share a solution means that you have found one yourself. We can only truly help others if we are safe ourselves. You have triumphed over the odds.

6. Your Overall Well-being Has Improved:

You feel much better than you used to, a couple of months ago. You can see the visible manifestation of it in your health and vital statistics. You feel much more fresh, and confident. Mentally, you have a de-cluttered space that no longer has the power to destroy you. This is the most fulfilling and relieving stage of moving on.

7. You Have Re-employed Yourself As A Priority:

You can put yourself first, now. You do not have to live your life, or adjust to another person’s wishes. Narcissistic people can often dominate and completely change the pattern of one’s life. Now, you are gradually beginning to find yourself, and it is exhilarating. Like meeting your old best friend, you take a zealous pride in being your own keeper.

8. You Do Not Stalk Them Anymore:

You may have even unfollow-ed their accounts of social media. Their whereabouts are not your business, and you’re happy to keep it that way. A narcissistic ex will have a lot of unnecessary updated thrown at you all across internet platforms. Steering clear of all that negativity is a great decision.

9. Their Love-Life Means Nothing To You:

It is natural that they will go on to date other people. So will you. A genuine nonchalance about who they are going out with, shows that you have moved on. It is childish to expect your ex-partner to remain single. If you have reached a stage where you don’t even want their attention, then, by the grace of God, you have conquered the break-up.


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