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Things Men Absolutely Hate According To Their Zodiac Signs


Things Men Absolutely Hate According To Their Zodiac Signs

Astrology as a science claims that it affects different zodiac signs differently. Each zodiac has specific character traits which defines the group within it. Being distinctive in nature, they provide a good way to understand any person based on their zodiac sign.

A lesser known fact is that you can also find out what a man dislikes based on his zodiac sign.

Here are the signs (for men) with their dislikes which you might want to keep in mind for the men in your life.


Picking fights with an Aries man might not be the best of ideas. Known to have short tempers, it flares during heated situations. They could also turn moody due to it. People with this sign have the most aggressive and impulsive personalities of all signs, so it is better to keep safe by maintaining a respectful distance with them.


People with this sign are possessive by nature and it upsets them if something or someone that belongs to them gets taken away. However, this must not be taken to be a frivolous behavior, as this possessiveness arises from love. Never take his belongings without his permission, because if you hold an important position in his life, he will offer it before you even ask.

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Geminis love to communicate. Their friendly nature makes it easy for them to blend in with people. Make sure you never stop a Gemini male from speaking his heart out. For them this is how they express their innermost feelings.
Interrupting them while they do so might hurt their feelings. Asking them to quit sharing like that will make them feel helpless and offended.


Cancer men are intuitive and sentimental, thus you must keep a watch over your words around them. Their emotions and sensitivity makes them prone to hurt while being criticized mercilessly. It’s ignorant to consider this to be a less-manly trait as we all have sentiments and need to respect them in everyone.


Leo men like their limelight and don’t appreciate it if it gets away from them. It becomes a matter of ego to them if someone takes away their share of attention from them. The best way to deal with this is to let them stay highlighted, for they will instantly resent it if you happen to encroach upon their dominant territory.


Virgo men hate to accept their fault in any situation, so it’s an exercise in futility if you even try. He will spend all his energy and efforts to prove himself right and you wrong if such a situation arises, so better let it be.


Never lie to a Scorpio male, for he is likely to find out the truth soon enough. Maintain an honest relationship with him from the beginning, for if he loses his trust in you even once, he will never develop it again. Being 100% honest might seem a little difficult in the beginning but is a better bargain than losing his respect and trust forever.


Libras are peaceful, but hate making choices. If put into a situation like this, they feel pressured. They dislike picking sides and might start disliking you too if you force them to do so. They are good at heart and thus deserve their space.


Don’t try to force a Sagittarius man to do anything against his wish, for it will lead to resentment. The harder you try to keep him bound to yourself, the more he will struggle to get out. So it’s better if you just let him be and make his own decisions. Keep the conversation about personal likes and dislikes open, but never force your opinion on him.


Capricorns detest fake people. So never pretend to be something you aren’t, for he will surely catch up quickly and dislike you all the more for it. Be your unabashed real self with him, for that is what drew him to you in the first place.


Aquarius men are original by nature, a trait which sets them apart from the everyday mundanity. Their uniqueness is a cherished virtue and thus you must never try and change them according to your preferences, for it will lead to nothing but failure and bitterness.


Being sensitive and emotional, Pisces men are especially prone to get hurt if played a prank on. Avoid playing any sort of pranks on them, or at least make sure it is completely harmless, because it might cause more trouble than it is worth.

Relationships are difficult to maintain, and its tiny details like these which help you understand the opposite person better!

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