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Pick A Rune And Discover Its Message For You


Pick A Rune And Discover Its Message For You

You must be wondering what is meant by a Rune. Runes are basically an ancient alphabet system believed to be created by the Celtics, Scandinavians and Germans somewhere around 98 AD. Rune means “whisper” or “holy secret”.

It is believed that each letter of this system holds an energetic message for guiding human beings.

In total there are 24 Runes and each has its own symbolism which is linked to the stars, the eight directions and the cycles of nature.

Here are those 24 Runes:



This Rune is about wealth and gives an insight on your financial condition. If you have worked hard in the past, then expect a financial boost. It also indicates a new job or business that you might venture into.


This one is about power and courage. It indicates that you are about to take charge of your own life. It is also linked to creativity and fertility.


This Rune is about struggles and hardships. You must analyze your situation and deal with the painful elements. Try to find your true feelings and inner self.


It symbolizes the “Divine Breath”. You will be spiritually awakened and explore your intuitive faculties. You could also consult gurus and Shamans on the same.

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It symbolizes some kind of journey that you are about to take or a life cycle that you are presently going through.


It symbolizes creativity, inspiration and wisdom. You will be able to solve problems and create new things. Your insight is on its full swing. Remember to let go of the past and old habits.


It symbolizes that you are about to receive an unexpected gift. It brings positivity related to love and relationships. It indicates luck and generosity from the Universe.


It symbolizes successful completion of a goal. You will enjoy the rewards of achieving your goal.


This one symbolizes some kind of storm. A big change is on its way and for that you need to let go of the old ways. Try to include more love in your life and change your ways to achieve peace of mind.


If you have some unfulfilled desire then it is time to clear out that desire. This Rune is about realizing this desire and gaining confidence to live your life on your own terms.


It symbolizes “ice” or that things are frozen in your life. Take some time to pause and reflect on your life. Make some very necessary changes.


This one is about cycles and you are about to start a new one now. Make way for the new cycle with all the creativity surging in you right now.


This one is about realizing your fears and dealing with them.


This is the Rune of magic and things related to magic. Try to direct your energies where you want and you will get what you want.


This one indicates that you will be guided and protected by the Divine. You just have to ask for help and you will get it!


This Rune means “Sun” and indicates a very positive outcome. It will be lucky for your health and career, since your strength is being increased.


It is about duty, discipline and rest. Do not take impulsive actions and take a closer look at things before doing anything.


This one is about healing and taking care of yourself. It might be a time for a fresh start.


It symbolizes movement and taking action. Get out of your thinking space into the sphere of action.


It symbolizes relationships with fellow friends, family and community. Maybe it’s time to assess your relationship with people.


It symbolizes feelings and you should pay attention to your emotions now!


It is about productivity and success in career. Expect a raise, bonus or promotion soon!


It translates to “day” and indicates happiness, activity and satisfaction. Take charge and make the best of it.


It is about family ties. Your family could be expanding through marriage or children, or existing family ties need to be healed.

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