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22 Unusual Signs Your Soul Is Ready To Transcend To A Whole New Dimension


22 Unusual Signs Your Soul Is Ready To Transcend To A Whole New Dimension

It takes a lot of time, effort and circumstances for our soul to transcend. It is not as easy as it might sound. For some people it comes naturally and they are able to do so without much effort, but for some it is a grueling task.

Transcending can be challenging and exhausting and does not happen to everyone. You must read the signs listed below to know more about it.

1. Lucid dreams

Through dreams the Universe is trying to communicate to you so don’t be afraid of them.

2. Right people at the right time

Try to realize the significance of those who come in your life at the exact moment you need them. Try to find out more about the person in order to figure out why was this person sent to you at that moment.

3. Learning quicker than usual

Your soul is transcending quickly, so be sure to control yourself by being humble and grounded.

4. Influence of Nature

You feel like a part of the nature around you. The Universe is a huge place and you are just a tiny element in it.

5. Grasping truths more easily

You are able to comprehend the truths of the Universe easily and quickly than you did before.

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6. Too many synchronicities

You will experience many synchronicities during this period. They are more than just coincidences and they hold a deeper meaning.

7. Finding your purpose

You will be searching for the purpose of your life as you realize the value of human life.

8. Looking for your soul mate

You will be searching for your soul mate as well because they can help you transcend. They will also be looking for you!

9. Experiencing balance

This means that you are close to the final transcendence. However, do not get too comfortable with it because maintaining balance requires much effort.

10. Feeling selfless and generous

You feel too selfless and experience an abundance of generosity and kindness surging in you. You become more generous than ever and you love the person that you have become.

11. Love for animals and connection with them

Animals are drawn to you and you also adore them wholeheartedly.

12. Experiencing blissful happiness

You will be experiencing a new kind of happiness which is genuine and full of bliss. People around you are also co-operative and your charm is undeniable.

13. Experiencing too much love

You will love with more passion and will also receive love with greater degree of passion and affection.

14. Feeling of isolation or feeling alone

If you feel isolated for a longer duration then you are not transcending in a positive manner or direction. Try to get it together and move towards love and positive energy.

15. Experiencing too much energy

There could be fluctuations in your energy levels. You could experience sudden bursts of energy. Don’t get stuck between these ups and downs and make the best of your heightened energy in order to move ahead with the transcendence.

16. Experiencing too much sensitivity

You could feel too vulnerable during this time but do not dwell on it too much because you might lose focus.

17. Feeling more intuitive that ever

Your intuitive faculties have become more powerful than before. This is a strong sign that you are prepared to transcend deeper.

18. Feeling like yourself

You are thinking and behaving as you desire and would like to. You feel right about yourself and there is no pretension about you anymore. You feel as this is the truest and realest version of yourself and that this is who you are.

19. Comprehending the rules of the Universe

You are decoding the rules of the Universe with all heightened sensibilities.

20. Appreciating the Creation

You appreciate the little things and the big things in the world. You admire the Creation a lot more.

21. Appreciating the Art

You also develop a finer sensibility for art and things related to creativity.

22. Discovering Universal connections

You are able to decipher the deeper connections in the Universe which operate on a regular basis but need a transcended mind to understand them.

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