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If You Experience Any Of These 20 Signs Your Soul Is Getting Quantum Upgrades


If You Experience Any Of These 20 Signs Your Soul Is Getting Quantum Upgrades

Earth warriors, Lightworkers and volunteers of this nature are meant to help and lead humanity towards a better world. They are equipped with a deeper understanding of the world and empathy towards their fellow human beings that’s unique.

Like every person, they too mature with time. They get what we might call ‘upgrades’ which is integrated into their behavioral systems. These upgrades don’t always come with an alarm system, so it is up to the person in question to realize what is happening to them.

Discussed below are 20 signs that show that your soul is getting the necessary quantum upgrades in order to turn you into a Lightworker of the world:

1. You might feel intense rushes of feelings like love. You could also have floating and flying sensations, which is a sign of your connection to high levels of lighter frequencies.

2. Your dreams aren’t everyday forgettable dreams like other people have. You experience lucid dreams and astral projections which provide you energetic healing upgrades.

3. You are able to see through the layers of politics. You perceive the deep but unseen link between politics, drugs, arms and pharmaceuticals industries.

4. You become extremely sensitive towards the energies that are around you.

5. Your breathing becomes deeper and slower, connecting with the sacral, root and sacral chakras. The chi energies get drawn towards you.

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6. You start appreciating the language and inherent beauty of nature. Similarly, synchronicity and number codes start making much more sense to you. They help your understanding of how the world operates around you.

7. Phenomenas like déjà vu, time fluctuations, flashbacks and dimensional slippages become a regular occurrence for you.

8. You have a mission to change the world into a better place by healing and protecting it. You now feel a rejuvenated need to get on with it.

9. Your body goes through chakra activation which might cause low blood pressure, heart palpitations, nausea and flu-like symptoms.

10. Certain types of people get drawn towards you like a moth towards a flame.

11. Other kinds of people get dispelled by your energy.

12. You become more and more careful about the people you let near yourself. There is less inclination towards becoming stealthy with your choices.

13. You become fitter so as to enable energy flow through your body. Activities like Reiki and yoga draw you towards it. A flexible body becomes your body goal.

14. Your empathy has increased in leaps and bounds. You also start paying attention to self care in order to get rid of the negative energy you accumulate.

15. You get attuned to know the right things. There is a universal flow of love energy, and you start trusting it more with time.

16. There is a conscious reprogramming of self done by you according to matrix algorithms. You use the heightened understanding of how, why and when the program works to unplug and simplify your life.

17. You start a conscious practice of manifestation. You use every act at your disposal including meditations, mantras and focused intentions throughout the day in order to reset and re-balance your life. This helps realign your internal vibration.

18. You will experience trying periods when matrix and karmic toxins will release from your body. It might lead to symptoms including shivers, nausea, pains and aches. Its best to overcome it through surrendering and letting it run its course.

19. You have a mixture of feelings inside you. These include everything from restlessness, low energy, depression, anxiety and despair. However, it is important for you to go through these to attain lightness of being.

20. You feel connected to everything in the world from the level of your soul. Your compassion, hope and love towards humanity are much needed by the world, especially during stormy times like the present. So keep yourself open to such upgrades by the nature and the energies around you to become the better version of yourself.

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