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They Adopted A Pit Bull From An Animal Shelter, But What The Dog Did One Day They Were Shocked

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They Adopted A Pit Bull From An Animal Shelter, But What The Dog Did One Day They Were Shocked

A family in Minnesota had something happen that turned their lives upside down, and not in a good sense…

They got a pit bull mix called Joy from an animal shelter two years ago. Everyone in the family liked him, but their two kids, Emilly, 6, and Jonas, 10, got along the best.

The kids and the dog were always together. They played all day, went on walks together, and slept in the same bed at night.

Jonas told his family one night that he was going to take a bath before he got home.

The rest of the family stayed in the backyard. At one point, the child’s mother heard some strange noises.

The sounds were coming from upstairs; she found out when she went inside the house.

As she went up, she could hear Joy, the family dog, barking loudly.

The woman went into the bathroom and saw Jonas lying asleep in the tub with his feet hanging over the edge. Joy tried to free him by pulling on his hair or hands.

Jonas passed out in the bath water after having a heart attack.

Joy knew something wasn’t right, so she smashed open the bathroom door and ran in to help Jonas get out of the tub.

The mother was scared the first time she saw Jonas having trouble breathing and Joy pulling on him.

That being said, she quickly learned that the dog was only trying to keep him from falling into the bathtub and dying.

The woman called 911 right away, and the paramedics arrived soon after. The doctors were able to save Jonas’s life by getting him to the hospital.

Joy is the reason Jonas is still alive today.

“Without Joy, I wouldn’t want to consider what could possibly happen to Jonas. My boy’s life was saved by Joy, and we will always be thankful. He will undoubtedly be rewarded with a lot of steaks,” stated his mum.

This shows once more how wonderful dogs are and how much they love their owners.

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