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These Houses Look Cute On The Outside, But Wait Till You Hear The Whole Story

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These Houses Look Cute On The Outside, But Wait Till You Hear The Whole Story

Today’s world is large, with a population that’s always on the rise.

There are slightly more than eight billion people on Earth in 2023.

To that end, seize every opportunity to settle down with the people you truly care about once you find them.

It appears that three buddies from their youth have accomplished this.

Despite our inability to verify its veracity, we felt this was a fantastic story to share with anyone who hopes to someday be surrounded by their favorite people.

They shared a childhood and resolved to remain lifelong neighbors.

Childhood Friends Become Permanent Neighbors

It seems that when they were younger, Karen, Joanie, and Sandy had lofty ambitions of settling down together.

They were neighbors, so they spent all their free time together playing.

Their parents constructed identical playhouses for them, where the kids pretended to live as grownups.

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Life took them in different directions before they could make these games a reality, but finally they did.

They became especially closer as teenagers. It appeared that they went to the same high school, and their desire to be together only increased.

As their high school years drew to a close, they vowed to remain inseparable.

Unfortunately, they quickly found that they had different priorities in life.

Boys have a significant impact on the lives of high school-aged girls. At least, that’s how things worked out for Karen and Sandy.

Karen eventually wed a man she truly loved, and the happy couple eventually relocated to a more permanent location.

Sandy followed him away with romantic hopes for a future with him.

Joanie, on the other hand, had her sights set on the business world.

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She decided to pursue higher education at a university in order to advance her professional prospects.

Their plans to move in together were put on the back burner, but they never stopped thinking about it.

Friends since childhood, who thought they might never see one other again as the years passed, feared it might never happen.

Life Turned in Their Favor

It’s likely that many people in their position have occasionally reflected on their earliest friendships.

They’d look back fondly on their past together and laugh, but they never seriously considered getting back together.

They would persuade themselves that it was natural for relationships to change as people got older.

Regardless of the obstacles, two long-time pals eventually settled together in the same neighborhood.

After working for several decades after they had moved away, Joanie finally decided to call it quits.

When she got back to town, she discovered that Sandy and Karen had already left.

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Sandy just got a divorce, and sadly, Karen’s spouse passed away.

They got together in order to talk about the past and how great it was.

Karen naturally dug up some childhood images of them frolicking in front of their identical playsets.

This brought up memories of their promise to always be close and their hope for a lifetime of living next door to one other.

Joanie and Sandy’s walk down memory lane underlined the necessity of it.

By happy coincidence, Joanie worked in the architectural industry.

This meant they were able to leverage their social networks to acquire blueprints for their homes.

Childhood Friends Finally Become Neighbors

Finding the ideal land to construct on proved to be the greatest challenge they faced.

Nonetheless, the two sets of pals from childhood finally settled on the perfect spot for their new homes.

They all had prefabricated homes brought to the location of their choice.

To accommodate Karen’s needs, her house had to undergo extensive renovations. However, they were successful in the end.

Image source: Smaller living

Karen’s home glowed with the cheerfulness of the canary yellow that had been her favorite color growing up.

Keeping in mind the weakness in her knees, she made the sensible decision to have everything on one level.

Karen decided against a lofted bed in favor of a fold-out sofa, making it easier for guests to stay in her beloved yellow home.

Image source: Smaller living

Joanie lived in the house next to Karen. It was a gorgeous shade of blue that looked strikingly similar to Karen’s.

The only variation was that Joanie could enjoy her morning coffee on her porch instead on the sidewalk in front of her house.

Sandy’s deep appreciation for nature is reflected in the deep burgundy color of her home, which is set in the back of the property.

Image source: Smaller living

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Her house was artfully situated to take use of the land’s gentle slope and the surrounding woods.

Sandy always imagined herself waking up in the loving arms of Mother Nature.

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