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This Man Turned An Airplane Into His Home But Wait Till You See Inside

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This Man Turned An Airplane Into His Home But Wait Till You See Inside

The plane’s cabin is just stunning!

Bruce Campell, a retired electrical engineer of 64 years, has had a keen eye for innovation from the start. He spent $23,000 on 10 wooded acres in Hillsboro, Oregon while he was in his early twenties, and he had a plan. Using an old plane and a large plot of land, he built himself the most extraordinary house imaginable.

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Innovative Scheme

Campbell has always enjoyed taking apart and reassembling things in order to make something new. His goal in acquiring this plot of land was to utilize it as the foundation for the mansion he planned to construct for himself out of a collection of decommissioned cargo ships. Campbell thought he had come up with a truly novel concept for a house, but then he found out that someone else had already constructed something similar. Bruce Campbell learned of Joanne Ussery, a Mississippi hairstylist, roughly twenty years after he first conceived of his scheme. She had made a Boeing 727 into her home. After her previous house burned down, she decided to rebuild in the form of a plane and settle down beside a tranquil river. Campbell gave it some thought and ultimately chose to alter his course of action as a result.

Furthermore, he made some significant adjustments to them. To learn more about Campbell’s airplane home and to see more images, please continue reading the article.

Boeing 727

In 1999, Campbell spent a hefty $100,000 to purchase a Boeing 727 from Olympic Airways. He had to get the huge plane to the Oregon woods when he first bought it. To make matters more complicated, the plane had to be shipped all the way from Athens, Greece. The total cost of transportation was approximately $120,000, therefore he ended up paying $220,000 for the jet. Nonetheless, he felt that the airplane was money well spent.


All of life’s necessities are provided on board. Some of the original seats and the bathroom have been preserved from the aircraft. Campbell installed a sink and a washing machine, too.


Although the Boeing 727 is quite spacious, Campbell’s unconventional residence is not where he spends much time. A couch serves as his bed, the microwave and toaster as his kitchen, and cereal and canned goods as his diet of choice.


We’re not sure if we’d like to live in this plane like Campbell does, but we’re definitely impressed with what he managed to do! Just look at this airplane; doesn’t it look cool? It must feel so good to accomplish something huge like this.

Take a look at the video below to see the entire interior of this amazing airplane home:

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