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These Creatures Can Crawl In Through Your Toilet. Here’s How to Stop Them

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These Creatures Can Crawl In Through Your Toilet. Here’s How to Stop Them

If you’re one of those people who checks the toilet before they sit, this is definitely for you!

The thought that a snake can get in your home through the pipes can be petrifying! Bugs and pests visit your bathroom because of the moisture. Many people fail to clean the toilet seat or open the door from all the humidity after a hot shower.

So here are 5 terrifying creatures that can pay you a visit in the toilet:

1. Snakes

For the most reason, snakes crawl through the sewer to feed on food leftovers, but they also love cool, wet and dark places. When they finish the feast, they usually look for the easiest and quickest way out, so let’s hope the way back is the quickest way outside of your house! However, if you live in a cold place, don’t fret! They only sneak up in the warm countries.

It’s usually harmless when snakes sneak through the pipes because they are usually garden or tree snakes. But some anacondas have appeared in people’s toilets in Australia and South America.

2. Rats

Like snakes, rats also try to survive in this cruel world. Pipes can have garbage disposal and rats will try to find a way in to feed on it. They can also swim through the pipes and hold their breath for minutes before they gasp for air.

It is only common sense to not throw food in the toilet, but let this be a reminder for those who still have that senseless habit.

3. Spiders

This is a tad fake news, but how can we find so many spiders in the toilet then? They will find another way in, but only black widows will crawl inside the toilet and weave their web from side to side. That’s why it’s always handy to check out the toilet seat before putting you *** on there. After all, some spiders won’t have a hard time biting you!

4. Lizards

In the US, lizards sneaking through the pipes is very common. That’s because they love water and try to find food wherever they can. Lizards are usually small enough to swim through the pipes with ease. Beware!

5. Possums

In 2008, a man from Australia saw the water gurgling. After some time a baby possum appeared and it’s not the first time this has happened. Another woman found dead possum in her toilet. This is because they are swimming better than Michael Phelps and can easily crawl through.

But how can we prevent it?

  1. First things first: keep your toilet clean! This is only common sense that many people lack. Just look at the toilets in all the gas stations and restaurants. If you want to have snake-free toilet, you better learn some hygiene!
  2. Keep your toilet dry: pests love humidity. When you take a shower make sure you clean the pool of water you leave behind on the floor. If something is leaking, call a plumber.
  3. Life hack: In a bowl, add equal parts of sugar, water, vinegar, and 5-10 drops of dish soap. Mix all together and pour it down the toilet or in your bathroom sink. You can also pour some boiling water into the toilet.
  4. Call a pest control company: If you lack the tools or expertise, call professionals and let them do the job. From time to time you can add water with cleaning solution to make sure the swimmers have nothing to feed on.

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