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A child dials 911 seeking assistance from police officer. The reason why had me in tears

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A child dials 911 seeking assistance from police officer. The reason why had me in tears

Some parents train their kids to dial the police whenever they need immediate assistance, or their life is put in danger. However, a kid called the police to solve a different kind of problem.

A 4-year-old was having a ‘severe’ problem, and his parents weren’t around at that time to help him solve the problem. So what did he do? He called 911 for immediate assistance, like he was trained to do. That was the only phone number he knew.

The answering operator started asking the usual questions. After a short conversation the operator knew what the kid needed help with, and it had everyone in tears.

Below you can find the full conversation they had on the phone. It had me in tears, especially when his mom came at the end.

At the end of the article you can find a YouTube video of the whole conversation.

Below you can find the full conversation that they had on the phone. This is pretty hilarious, we laughed a lot. At the end of the article, you can find the YouTube video as well.

Operator: 911 emergencies

Boy: Yeah I need some help

Operator: What’s the matter?

Boy: With my math.

Operator: With your mouth?

Boy: No with my math. I have to do it. Will you help me?

Operator: Sure. Where do you live?

Boy: No with my math.

Operator: Yeah I know. Where do you live though?

Boy: No, I want you to talk to me on the phone.

Operator: No I can’t do that. I can send someone else to help you.

Boy: Okay

Operator: what kind of math do you have that you need help with?

Boy: I have take aways.

Operator: Oh, you have to do the take aways.

Boy: Yeah

Operator: Alright, what’s the problem?

Boy: Um, you have to help me with my math.

Operator: Okay, tell me what the math is.

Boy: Okay. 16 take away 8 is what?

Operator: You tell me. How much do you think it is?

Boy: I don’t know,1.

Operator: No. How old are you?

Boy: I’m only 4.

Operator: 4!

Boy: Yeah.

Operator: What’s another problem, that was a tough one.

Boy: Um, oh here’s one. 5 take away 5.

Operator: 5 take away 5 and how much do you think that is?

Boy: 5

Woman: Johnny what do you think you’re doing!?

Boy: the policeman is helping me with my math.

Woman: What did I tell you about going on the phone?

Operator: It’s the mother…

Boy: You said if I need help to call somebody.

Woman: I didn’t mean the police!

Watch the video below:

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