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There Are 9 Kinds of Mothers in this World, And You Are One Of Them

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There Are 9 Kinds of Mothers in this World, And You Are One Of Them

In one way or the other, all women are distinctive. A set of characteristics separates them from one another. Although, some of them decide to not be a mother at all, but the rest choose to give birth and bring about a drastic change in their life.

Being a mother is one of the most life changing experiences in the world and all mothers have their own special way of raising their kid. Mothers not only see a part of themselves in their kids but also try to bring out the best in them.

When we talk only about the women who are mothers, they share a lot of characteristics which are common to every mother. On the other hand, mothers can be divided into 9 categories. These categories are based on how the mother chooses to up bring the child and her interaction with them.

Going through the following, you will come across all the kinds there are:

1. The Disciplinarian Mom

The disciplinarian mothers are the ones who seek perfection in everything they have their child do. They are strict with their kid and work really hard on them to guide them towards perfecting the work. It is not some personal agenda that they bear in their hearts while they are at it. It is just how their concern comes out for the child. Their kids turn out to be much systematized and self-determining when they grow up, thus making their own life easier and well controlled.

2. The Workhorse Mom

The workhorse moms are the ones who are somewhat obsessed with their work and nothing stops them from excelling at their career. Usually seen in action, their ‘stop-at-nothing’ makes them great managers too. They may not devote all their attention and focus to their children but that doesn’t mean their kids remain unattended. It is just that their work is a priority to them and they like what they do for a living.

3. The more-of-a-friend Mom

The best-friend moms are big time favorite ones. They are open to talk about anything and everything. They don’t just appreciate their kid for the qualities but also wholeheartedly accept the shortcomings. Being great at empathizing with their kid, they always understand the circumstance and believe in working on the solutions of all problems. You can be rest assured to feel always comfortable and relaxed around them.

4. The Overwhelming mother

A little intrusive they can get at times in the pursuit of becoming an inseparable part of the child’s life. They are pushy when it comes to making sure of things for the benefit of the child, keeping a constant check on their behavior and decisions. There is a risk of the child becoming overly dependent on the mom but, since she’s a mother, she somehow manages to take care of that too.

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5. The Proud mother

All mothers are proud of their children, regardless of how they are or turn out. However, there is this one special kind of mothers who are quite overwhelmed with how their child is. Everything they do is a matter of discussion and bragging to her friends who have similar interests. The habit of constantly pressuring the kid for performing better, or coming out on top, may slightly affect the natural course of growing for the child. This may not be all that beneficial for the kid but no mother can ever have the intention of harming their kid.

6. The effortless mom

These are the mothers to whom, as the name suggests, motherhood comes naturally. These moms develop such powerful instincts for protecting their children that whenever the child is in danger, they come to realize it. The connection they end up building up with their kid, effortlessly, is unmatched and incredible. Anyone who was to observe their relationship would be amazed at how real a bond can get.

7. The Free-hand mother

These distant watchers have a different approach at parenting. They like to watch their kids grow and learn from their mistakes. Meddling in the child’s life is not their way of expressing love. That said, they are always there for the kid no matter what.

8. The stern Mom

They are strict and don’t allow any mistakes. They give all their attention to the kid and they are characterized by shouting and scolding behavior towards kids. They are not just strict with their kid but also with the friends and teachers.

9. The perfect mom

The right combination of all the above characteristics makes a perfect mom. She knows when to take which form for the best of the child. She is not just a great parent but also an ideal human being.

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