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10 Things You Will Only Learn From Being Raised By a Strong Mother


10 Things You Will Only Learn From Being Raised By a Strong Mother

When being raised by a strong woman and a mother, you learn a lot of things throughout your life, things that will shape you into the person that you will become and will add a lot of value to your life. You might not realize them right away and this will probably hit you later on in life, which will only make you appreciate and love your mother even more.

If you have been raised by a strong woman in your life, mother, aunt or even a grandma, since all these women help raise you throughout your life, make sure to tell them how much you love and appreciate them and how much they have done for you!

These are the things we all learn when raised by a strong woman:

1. The importance of independence

You become a strong woman who understands the value of independence. You don’t need any man to take care of you since you can do that yourself. You rely on your own thinking and feelings rather than being dependent on others for any kind of support.

2. The meaning of unconditional love

Your mother sacrificed herself in order to look after you and your siblings. You learn the value of love and sacrifice from her as she never gave up on you. Her sufferings gave you strength to be who you are today and she set an example of utmost courage and resilience in front of you. Such love and sacrifice cannot be found anywhere else.

3. Learning to love yourself

In the midst of failures, heart breaks and setbacks, you know how to get up and keep moving. You will not stay for things that are not meant for you, or try to make people stay for you. There is courage in you which keeps you going no matter how much the world is against it. You love yourself enough to not be belittled or discouraged by anyone. You fight for what you truly want.

4. You can be soft as well as tough

Being tough doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to show your emotions. Your mother is also tough but her care and sensitivity always springs up for you. She stayed up nights to take care of you while you were sick, she waits for your call or text to know you have reached safely. She is tough but she has a heart filled with love!

5. Realizing that being a woman is not so easy

In this “man’s world”, being a woman is not easy. Not just a woman but a strong one for that matter. Your opinion will be negated, your achievements will be belittled and your abilities will be mocked, but you have learned from the best and you won’t stop until you get what you want.

6. Never looking back

You don’t dwell on the past because it stops you from moving forward. What has happened has happened and you cannot change it. You tend to stay positive with a perspective on the future rather than looking at the past mistakes and missed opportunities. Your journey is yours, even though not quite like what you wished for.

7. Learning patience and faith

So much of courage and wisdom does not come on its own. You practice patience in order to wait for the good things and faith so that it helps you during rough times. The storm will pass and you will be okay. This is a lesson which you should never forget.

8. Creating your own happiness

You can have a thousand things troubling you but if you try then you can create your own happy moments. You are choosing to be happy rather than waiting for someone to make you happy. You can always find things to smile at if you look closely.

9. She will always know more about love

When your mother says that someone is not good for you as a friend or as a lover, then listen to her. She knows about love more than you and has more experience with dealing with people. Her approval matters, even if you do not like it at times.

10. Learning how to be a good mother

Your mother showed you how to be protective, loving, kind, compassionate, courageous and smart. She taught you all these things not by giving lessons but by letting you see her handle all the situations in life. She was leading by example and you were following unknowingly.

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