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7 Signs That Will Help You Spot If A Narcissist Is Trying To Sneak Into Your Life

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7 Signs That Will Help You Spot If A Narcissist Is Trying To Sneak Into Your Life

A narcissist is a person who is obsessed with themselves and does not see anything other than themselves. They only understand their own selfish needs and desires and thwart everyone else and their comforts. They bring you down and drain all your energy. They sneak into your life without you being unaware of them.

Narcissists have some common stark traits that will help you to eradicate them from your life. They suck out the life from anyone they capture. They are parasites. They are never satisfied with anything and whine about everything. They will always find faults in others and steal everyone’s thunder and want to become the sun and others need to become the solar system around them.

Here are the 7 traits that these suffocating narcissists have:

1. They cause emotional pain

These people harm others and cause a lot of pain. They might physically and mentally hurt you and drain you completely. They do not see any logic when they are “hurt” and forget every kind of courtesy. They become more suffocating and exhausting. Narcissists are sadist people and find pleasure in torturing others and make everything about them.

2. Ignore all morals and boundaries

They violate rules and pay no heed to any boundaries and think they can get away with all the things that they do. They get away with everything. Their behavior is erratic and you will get pulled into a bad reputation for their faults.

3. They live in utopia

They refuse to admit their reality and live in their Utopian fantasy worlds and do not accept the truth. They will not see the harshness of the world and never accept their faults. They think that the world is what they think it is. No amount of persuasion works for their warped mentalities and you get frustrated. Eradicate them now.

4. Morphing the true reality

They always exaggerate the truth or completely change it according to their convenience. They’ll pay no heed to the actual truth and lie through their teeth to get away with everything. They are weak people, despite the coldness in their external demeanor, and will never have the courage to accept truth or tell the truth. They cannot deal with confrontation as they are cowards.

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5. Entitled

They think they own the world and everyone is their slave or a minion. They refuse to respect anybody and insult everyone. They have no sense of humanity and don’t deserve friends or anyone else.

6. No fixed personality

You never know their real personality and they always morph into another identity when they change situations. Their persona is fake and they have several masks in their closet that they replace everyday in order to betray others. They think they can manipulate anything and that they deserve it.

7. Attention seekers

They are pathetic whiners and act like victims when they are the snake who poisons others. They always want the spotlight and don’t shy away from playing the sufferer card. They are toxic and do not deserve any love.

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